Wednesday, August 12, 2009

getting back into the groove..

nothing major to report - just wanted to check in on the challenge and let everyone know that i kicked day 1's butt...and day 2 is going nicely.

challenge update:
day 1
target: 35 points
flex balance: 35
actual points consumed: 39
new flex balance 31

random question for everyone. how do you pronounce chipotle?
is it chipotlay or chipoltay?
i pronounce it with a "lay" on the end, but most of the guys i know put a "tay" on the end.
help me out!


  1. according to my internet research, the correct pronunciation is Chi-poht-ley. so you were correct, my friend! and that's how i say it too!

  2. I am going with the 'tay' on that one but I am from Michigan. Everyone I know he in Texas says it your way. So maybe you are a southerner at heart.

  3. lay like you.... cuz we r the smart girlzzz