Friday, May 29, 2009

i'm here...

i haven't completely disappeared. promises.

i'm doing well on weight watchers somedays, horrible on others. it's hit and miss. i did well monday and tuesday...then wednesday and thursday were bad, but today's been well.

i'm swamped at work, and still stressed about life in general.

but the boy's coming home this weekend, and i'm looking forward to that.

maybe i'll have something to update soon...we'll see.

highlights of the week:
keith urban concert
madi madison and bestie time
LOST ---> i'm obsessed.

yep, that's it. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009


i feel like such a fraud for posting this, but it is what it is.

week 15: -4, -30 total

i feel fraud-y because i ate bad this weekend. but yet that's what the scale said. i did have a good week, though...the weekend was just typical. i have got to get a handle on them. stupid evaroni's pizza. ("in all the world there is only one evaroni's", and i'm telling you people that are not near huntington, wv that you should be glad!)

in wedding news, daniel and i applied for our marriage license today. awwww. and i got fingerprinted for the new job. :) hoping everything goes well with all of that - especially since i spent over 3 hours on a form the other night. haha. i've also almost finished everything for the wedidng. the bridesmaids have their dresses picked out. decorations are all taken care of. we need to order tux rentals and buy my wedding band and we're good to go!

i'm boring. so that is all for today.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

you might die trying

"if you give, you begin to live". sorry, dmb = stuck in my head. plus the lyrics kinda fit today.

i've kinda been sucking. wait, make that i've really been sucking. i can't stay on track. i do great during the week - for the most part - then the weekend comes and everything i know about ww and weightloss and healthy food choices go out the window. it's like, holy crap, it's the weekend! eat! you may never eat again!!! grrrr. i've been playing with the same 5 lbs or so for the past month. it's frustrating. why do i do this to myself, when i know how to work the program?

since i suck ww this week, i am late in reporting my weekly update. but here it is.

week 14: -1.6, -26 lbs total

in case you're counting, that's less than 2 lbs per week. thanks to the suckage.

STRESS. did i mention that i am under an insane amount of stress? i'm letting myself stress over everything. guess who gets the moodies, and crankies, and smart comments due to the stress? daniel. i feel bad for him! he has about 4 weeks home before starting the new job, with only 1.5 weeks remaining, and i've been not so nice the majority of the time. he's wonderful for putting up with me and for trying to talk to me about what's bothering me and trying to calm me down.

um, since we're in such a negative place this morning thus far, let's talk about something optimistic....i got a job offer!!! :) pending my security clearance (which stresses me for some unknown reason), i'll be kissing my current position goodbye and working in the DC area. AND my FF works there, too! :) it seems like everything's falling into place for me and daniel, which is great.

so why the bad mood again?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

dash the hopes of those who hate me

okay, couple things...(in my best papa price voice)

1. TJ at TJ's Test Kitchen and Ugly Girl with a Beautiful Heart @ The Long Road Out of Hell awarded me the Super Blogger Award.

Here are the rules:

Pass it along to 5 fellow super bloggers, and comment on their blog to let them know how lucky they are today!When you present your Super Blogger awards, link back to the super blogger who gave it to you.Ya gotta love being a favorite of a fellow blogger and the hardest part is picking 5 people to pass this SUPER BLOGGER AWARD on to. This one has made it's rounds, so I tried to pick bloggers who hadn't been picked yet! Here are my picks for this SUPER BLOGGER AWARD:
  • Mandi @ Family First: she's my bestie, and a new mom. she balances work, family, and her friends - and shares my love of DMB and weightwatchers. we've been through soooo much together, and laughs are never far behind us.
  • Angela @ Angela's Grand Adventures: WW partner, fellow Richmond-ian (for now), and another Lane Bryant fan.
  • Learning to Be Less: funny, motivator, and a Biggest Loser fan. Love her!
  • Slackey @ One twenty-something's journey to get fit: has lost an amazing amount of weight and is getting ready to start WVU Law School.
  • Lynn @ The Hungry Little Caterpillar: i follow her blog, even though i'm terrified of caterpillars! :) she's always out moving - wii fit, walking, etc...and she's a twitter gal!

2. it's my 50th post!!! :) in honor of this, i'd like to try my hand at a little giveaway. how do you cats feel about no pudge brownies?!? well, the winner of the giveaway will get all 3 flavors available in my area - chocolate, mint, and cappucino! you know the drill - leave a comment on this post and blog with a reference to this giveaway and i'll randomly choose someone as the winner on the 15th. good luck! :)

3. the title of this blog is from DMB's new song, beachball. love this song and loooooove that line!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

slacker 2.0 - the blog version

i'm slacking - but only with blogging. i've been so on track this week. makes me feel good. let me preface that by saying that i gained 4 lbs last week...dang. the ice cream from cold stone creamery did not help, nor did the olive garden celebration with the g'rents. good news is the 4 lbs is already gone, and hopefully some more will be off before monday's weigh in.

week 13: +4, -24.4 (ugh - wrong direction much?)

anyways...bad weekend, but excellent start to this week.

  • i've been swamped at work.
  • i had a phone interview this morning that looks sooooo promising. *fingers crossed* she told me if i hadn't been given an offer in 2 weeks, to call her back.
  • we're having a mother's day cookout on sunday, and i am kinda excited about Hughes family time.
  • big fight with my sister = the return of the boycat. kinda happy to have parker back at home with me and daniel.

that's all i've got. boring, huh?

Friday, May 1, 2009

moody mooday

i'm moody. i think it's that TOM - or will be soon. i've been cranky to everyone, and i really shouldn't be. plus, i'm tired.

okay, so i haven't been journaling. i feel like i'm not doing well, though i'm not necessarily eating bad, i just can't say with certainty that i've been in points, because i haven't journaled a single thing. i've stuck to healthy choices (except on wednesday, when i ate PF Chang's with the boys - i KNOW that food is high points - though i didn't eat my entire dish, which helped), got my water in, and exercised daily. i even took walks on my lunch in addition to working out in the evenings.

i've been so pissed off at my mom this week, too. :( had a bit of a breakdown about it last night. it makes me so mad that she won't be at my wedding. oh, sorry, daughter - my pain pills are more important than your future. grrrr. i think i'm just a little sad that she won't be there - to see me happy, and to be proud of me. a lot of days i just want to know that she'd be proud of where/how i have ended up. and i feel like i can't do a unity candle at the wedding because i don't have a "mom" to light my half before the ceremony. which is fine - because really, i hate when they blow out, and it probably would because it's an outdoor ceremony. but still.

i am beyond stressed with everything going on. a lot of big changes are taking place, and while i'm happy about all of them, it's a tad overwhelming. trying to find a job, daniel starting a new job, him moving to MD, me hopefully moving to MD soon, planning the wedding, getting married, finding him a place to live until i can move, paying two rents, etc, etc, etc.

i know, i know - i'm whining about things that i have been wanting. i think jill said it best when she said "it's okay to whine about this. so what if you're whining over things you wanted? you never said you wanted it all at the same time!" haha.

that being said, i'm extremely thankful that daniel got placed in MD...and that, even if i don't find a job up that way in the immediate future, we will still get lots of together time, because cumberland is a short drive away from charleston...and weekend trips will be much more doable.

i guess all of this stress has lead to the lack of journaling. i don't want to lose control over the weight loss, too. i've come too far.

i will face the scale this weekend, and hopefully still have a loss to report. with or without the loss, my goals for next week are:
  1. exercise daily
  2. stay within my points target and weeklies
  3. journal my points
  4. work on wedding plans
  5. finish gathering addresses for my invitations
okay, enough rambling from me. sorry for the moody post. here's to a better weekend!