Monday, October 19, 2009

bbq city

if i hear one more time that memphis has the best bbq, i might throw up.  i for one am a big buddy's bbq fan - buddy's as in small town, usa - as in huntington, wv buddy's.  it rocks.  i like them so much they catered my wedding.  basically there's 3 things to do in memphis - eat bbq, go to graceland, and drink.  i am leaning towards doing 0 out of the 3. 

i think it could be kinda fun to be here on a mini-vacation (think trip to see dmb, spend an extra few days), but being stranded with no car is not really my idea of a fun time - not to mention sitting in a classroom setting for hours on end. 

on a positive note, i've met some really nice people, and i'm making good money, so i will try to keep my complaining to a minimum.

there's not a lot new with me.  i've been kinda absent in the blog scene lately - just don't feel like i have much to add to the party, though i have missed reading you guys' updates.  seems like i'm not the only one going mia a lot of the time.  nothing new with the pregnancy stuff, either.  still tired, little to no nausea, pants feeling a lil less comfy.  that's about all i have going on.  oh, and that i gave in to my caffeine needs after 3 weeks of no caffeine.  i was mad - about what i can't now remember - but i wanted it and i wanted it bad - so i drank it.  i guess there's worse things i could have done...haha.

okay, i'm tired, and boring, and tired.  so, i'm out.  hope you guys are more interesting than me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

no witty titles come to mind

So, I’m an idiot. I had been sitting here at work all day – bored, as usual – and the lower part of my back kept itching. I could not figure out what it was. Anyways, so when I made my 3rd trip to the bathroom this morning, I finally realized I didn’t remove the sales tag off of the pants I bought over the weekend. Smart, huh?

Doing pretty good with sticking to my “pregnancy points” so far. A few days last week I went over, but I figure flex took care of that. I’m just playing with a few pounds here and there, and will talk to my doctor more about my weight for the pregnancy at my appointment on November 4. I still haven’t told everyone at work that I’m pregnant yet. The people I talk to regularly know, but most people do not. Including my boss. For the record, my face is still a bumpy mess and my heartburn is out of control.

Over the weekend, Daniel and I went to visit Amanda and Jay – the boys watched football while we went shopping, and then came back and ate chili and her “not mountain dew” cake aka as dreamsicle cake. She fit into awesome smaller sizes, so it was a fun shopping trip. We also went into a Babiesrus, and I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I didn’t know what half of the stuff was for, and I guess I just didn’t realize how much stuff we were really going to need.  It was so overwhelming – feeling that unprepared. I told Mandi about it yesterday, and she sent me a “necessities” list, so I feel like I have a better idea of what kind of stuff we need to be looking for now.

I’m super excited for Biggest Loser tonight. I think it’s the only show Daniel and I watch consistently on the day it airs. I’m wondering if Tracey will do any crazy nonsense this time…

I leave for Memphis on October 18 for 2 weeks of training for work. I think it’ll be a long two weeks – and possibly boring. But I’ve never been to Memphis, so I’m excited about seeing it. And I’m looking forward to not having anything to do every evening, so I can nap a lot, get caught up on some reading (Amanda let me borrow The Host!), watch some tv, and just relax. A few girls I work with here in MD are going the same time as me, so I figure we’ll check out something fun over the weekend there.

So, yeah…that’s it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

connect the dots

i have decided that my face looks like a connect the dots puzzle.  do you guys remember those?  i used to love them...on paper.  on my face?  not so much.  no amount of concealer could cover up these monsters.  i thank my raging hormones.  in other pregnancy news, i've started to get nauseous.  :(  seriously almost lost it in wawa's parking lot this morning.  there's 13 other people in the room i work in, and i'm afraid they're going to see me losing breakfast or lunch in my manger's trash can at some point in the near future.  guess that'd be one way to make the announcement at work.  also, my first appointment has been scheduled for november 4.  that will make me 10 weeks.  seems like a long time to wait to me, but the doctor said that was pretty standard - as did my friends who have had kids.

there's nothing else new around here, but it had been about a week since my last post, so i figured you guys were starting to miss me.

does anyone else think dan takes such good care of shay on biggest loser?  they are so sweet.  i was rooting for them...and tracey is a crazy person.  jillian was so mad...i cracked up when she went off on her and weigh-in and then was like "i'm done".

 i've been very good about tracking my food in iwatchr (for you iphone/ww people, it it).  i'm trying to steadily eat 40 pts per day, which is several more than i was eating before, but converts to about 2,000 calories per day.  unfortunately, i was up 2 lbs at weigh-in last monday.  ooooh, i am switching to a friday weigh-in though.  i like to use my flex over the weekends, and i feel like it results in a slight gain every monday, that is off with a big loss on wednesdays.  i don't like the discouragement, so i'm switching to a friday weigh-in.  i know, i know - in the big picture, it doesn't matter.  but i'm switching anyways.  (sidenote:  i'm not trying to lose weight right now, for obvious reasons.  i'm just trying to eat a healthy amt of calories for me and the baby.  didn't want to confuse anyone with my weigh-in, ww counting stuff.  i'm just doing it to make sure i don't overeat - not to lose weight.  note the increase in points every day! ;) )

back to work - errr, catching up on blogs.