Tuesday, June 30, 2009

more of the same

i do not blog as often as i should. sorry - i seem to be lacking in stuff to talk about. which is SO unlike me.

in weight loss news, i lost 3.8 lbs last week (5 days were spent wearing the bugg). i kinda love the bugg. this got me down to a new middle number. :) grand total of weight lost since february 1? 31.2 lbs. i'm proud of it, but frustrated with myself because the last 6-8 weeks i've been about the same place. i had a breakthrough this week, though, and got lower than i've been this time around. i remember on april 9 i was down 25 lbs exactly, so i guess in 2.5 months i've lost like 6 lbs. nothing to complain about, at least it's going down. but i know i could definitely be lower if i had not let the weekends get in my way.

i like calorie counting. and as a loyal weight watcher gal, it's hard for me to say that. i like it a lot, though. as for the bugg, i'm a big fan, like i said. however, their online program? it sucks. i use dailyplate for calorie logging. i just use the display to tell me what i'm burning, and show my deficits on dailyplate instead of on their online program. if anyone has any questions about the bodybugg and/or program, just let me know. i'd be happy to share it with you!

so the wedding is 10 days away. ready to be a mrs. :) and ready to be laying out on waikiki beach!

my bridesmaids (bestie and jill) had me a dinner at outback this past weekend. got some nice gifts and got to spend time with my favs. it was big fun. here's a few pics:

me and the besties - mandi and baby madison

me and madi m - not the best pic of me, but she's smiling! :)
i look good with a baby, right? the boy wants one early next year, so we'll see!

some of the work crew!

me with the most thoughtful gift ever! mandi bought me a snowglobe music box that has me and daniel's names and our wedding inscribed on it!

me, jill, and madi g - the lovelies!

madi girl - she said aimee for the 1st time this weekend!

and that's all i've got...looking forward to the 3 day weekend! what's everyone doing for the 4th?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

bugged and challenged

i got the bodybugg and i love it so far. like love it. i am forever watching my calories burned, doing little things to get the number to creep up, checking my steps, etc. it's a slight obsession, and i hope the calorie deficit thing holds true. i've been good at meeting my targets so far.

i'm supposed to be working really hard at the moment, so this will be short and sweet, but i'll keep you up-to-date on the buggy stuff.

i joined jack sh*t's kick ass, half ass, half a pound challenge today. since i'm in the challenge, i'm allowed to display this on my blog. tah-dah!

and just so everyone knows, my sole motivation for joining this challenge is seeing MY name make one of his poems.

that's all i got. more to come? maybe.

wait! and i was down 2.5 lbs last week, so that's something. :)

sidenote: my title isn't a dmb lyric for once.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i was there when the bear ate his head...

in case there was any doubt about what an unbelievably caring boyfriend/soon-to-be-husband i have, rest assured, the doubt is gone. i had just gotten back from my dinner with ang and bdab, and was getting ready to work out when i noticed a flashing light on my hotel room's phone. i listened to my message and was told i had a package waiting downstairs. i was like "wtf? i didn't order anything". so i go downstairs and it's a delivery from ftd.com. so, i go to ang's room to open it and it's a build-a-bear! i've never had one and i kinda love him! :) do you want to see pics? of course you do.

mr. bear
please note the awesome new pedicured toes and tanning bed legs.

and the card! (which is totally white, not orange, by the way. way to rock the camera skills, aims)

it makes me really happy that daniel does stuff like this. the distance is hard on us, especially with the wedding so close. i CANNOT wait until we don't have to live in separate states. and to think this all came from internet dating....wow.

so my cool new workout shoes are not so cool. my feet were still on fire. what gives? am i doing something wrong? what am i missing? i went to the runner's store here and they picked out the shoes for my feet, so i really am floored now. the balls of my feet burn when i work out and my toes go numb. i just don't understand. i thought maybe i wasn't wearing the right size or something, but the nice sales lady checked them for me. (i seriously felt like a 5 year old.) i'm so going back to the store. $95? no thanks - shoes didn't work. any advice? anyone?

still going strong on weight watchers this week.

am anxiously awaiting the dmb shows this weekend. fun times to be had in the 'burgh.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

storm went right on by...

my boss drives me crazy sometimes. he had me near tears right before lunch today. but, alas, i have nothing but a NSV to report.

i was upset and did not turn to food. that'd be the victory part. :)

on lunch, the crew and i went to carytown and i bought some new workout shoes. goodbye $135 nike shox, hello $95 saucony. my feet better thank me tonight. also - i got an awesome deal on a vera bradley duffel bag....well, 2 of 'em. 50% off, fools. :) needed some weekend bags - all of my luggage got lost in the divorce.

wait! that's not all. check this out:

what is that? aims journaling her food?! YES!

this is the bulk of my lunch. a big ol' salad (i even added carrots to my usual "just lettuce") with FF italian dressing and a turkey sandwich. please note that i removed the turkey and cheese from the high calorie bread the cafeteria served and put it on my "2 slices for 1 pt" bread. i kept 1/2 a slice of cheese on it, and tossed the rest out with that other bread. the bread on the back of the container is what i tossed out.

i call today a success and it's not even 2:00. :)
dinner is planned and within my points. happy day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

shake me like a monkey

double post. can you believe it? i go weeks with barely posting, then i decide to do 2 in one day. shaking things up.

okay, so first of all, i have to let everyone know that i spent an hour and a half laughing hysterically at work today. "why?" you may ask. i was reading tricia's blog. that girl is hilarious - and i hate that i've been such a blog slacker lately and was so far behind on her life's tales. so if you don't read it - go over there, read it, laugh, and feel like your life has gained a little more purpose.

i exercised. i'm trying to decide if it's more shocking that i updated (twice!) or exercised. either way, i'm proud that i stayed true to my word. AND this girl is working weight watchers. yep. new aims. finally.

i'm saying "i do" in 25 day. i can't wait to post pics of my pretty, pretty dress for you guys. i really don't want daniel to see it, so you'll have to wait awhile longer.

does anyone watch so you think you can dance? i need to know who everyone's favorites are.

okay. that's all i've got. kinda boring for a 2nd post, huh?

EDIT: i updated my profile pic in honor of father's day coming up. that's my poppaw. THE best man i know.


weekly weigh in:

-1.5 from last week. down 27 lbs total.

up 3 from the lowest i've been on weight watchers this time around.

but hey, i updated, so that's progress.

sidenote: feeling a lil better about life in general. decisions = calmer aims.

Friday, June 12, 2009

and if nothing can be done...

i guess it's been forever since i've updated. i haven't even been updating my weight. i'm such a slacker - but i promise i've just been SWAMPED. so here it goes:

weight loss
i'm back on track with weight watchers. it's been a really good week. i had been struggling with the whole "gotta eat everything in sight on the weeekends" syndrome, but i think i'm pulling past it.

i am definitely going to update my weight loss this weekend. hoping for a nice loss. i was up a few pounds from my lowest as of last week, so we'll see what monday morning holds for me.

i went shopping last night and bought the cutest stuff at LB...thank God for real women dollars. haha. anyways, i got to buy everything in a 18/20, so that's a plus. :) down from a 24 in a lot of things from earlier this winter.

i cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago and got rid of everything in my "fatter" size. i got rid of 7 (!!!) bags of clothes. how crazy is that? who has that many clothes? obviously i'm working on replenishing it though. hehe.

wedding - i'm getting married 4 weeks from today! yay! and my wedding dress still fits. :) that's definitely a positive. all my plans have come together and i'm so ready to go to HI.

work - it sucks. enough said. no details on the new job - guess they're still working on my security clearance. the good news is daniel's new job is workign out nicely. he comes home on the weekends, and it really isn't too bad on us. i think he's realizing there's not a lot to do in cumberland, and he gets a little bored, but he really enjoys the work. i'm so glad he likes his job. i think it's so much easier to get out of bed in the morning when you don't hate your job!

family - daniel and i have gotten hit with some tough news. i don't want to go into all of that, just please keep us in your thoughts. lots of big decisions are coming our way, and i'm hoping and praying that we find the right path for us and our future. it's scary when you don't know what the right thing to do is...but i'm sure we'll figure something out.

dmb - i'm in love with the band's new album. if you don't have it, go buy it. :) promise you will not be disappointed. i'm going to see the boys next weekend in burgettstown (near pittsburgh). and it's daniel's first show!

friends - while i'm not sure what the future is holding for me and the boy, i have spent a lot of time thinking about how hard it'll be on my friendships when i move to maryland. it's tough - the girls pulled me through a lot of tough times. and when i say pulled, i literally mean PULLED. some times with me kicking and screaming and fighting them every step of the way. am i a better person because of it? you betcha. in light of that, it makes me hesitant to move on...because i'm afraid it won't be the same. no more on this, because i don't wanna be crying at work. haha.

okay. is that everything? yeah? i think so. okay. i PROMISE to update my weight loss stats on monday morning. and i will try try try try to be better about updating. if work gives me time to breathe, it makes that task a little easier.

Monday, June 8, 2009

i hate being busy!

i feel like i have no time to blog.

i'm still on the "diet all week, eat bad on the weekends". it's making me maintain. i'm not happy with that, and need to get back on track...

i hope to update more soon. :(