Friday, February 27, 2009

...and i love these boys

DMB's New Album Title: Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King
Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Album News on Thursday, Feb 26th, 2009 at

The long-anticipated 2009 Dave Matthews Band album has a name - Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King. Before you say, "What the...?" the title does have some meaning to it. Groogux was a nickname applied to LeRoi Moore by his friends; Rashawn mentioned that on his Myspace page after the saxophonist's passing. Also for reference you can hear Carter call LeRoi by Grux in the How We Have Fun Before The Show video by Stefan at about 3:10. We got a little hint to the album title from Dave on Sunday; "...still here dancing with the Groo Grux King. We'll be drinking big whiskey while we dance and sing. When I get to the end, I'm gonna end.."The announcement of the album name from The Warehouse also re-confirmed the release date of June 2. So it appears everything is still on schedule for that date. Long Live the Groogrux King.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

82 degrees

it's 82 degrees in the office i'm working in. it's yucky. we've got a fan blowing on high, but i think all it's really doing is circulating the hot air. goodness.

today has been a busy day, but i'm so thankful it's the last full day in richmond for this week. i don't think i can take much more of m.g.t. or the crap i'm working on. ha.

i loved idol last night. i thought it was so much better than last week's. i'm still a huge danny fan, but i really enjoyed normund, kris, allison, and adam last night. for some crazy reason, i really want normund to go through. mainly because i know vftw loves him, but also because i laughed so hard. *karate kick*

the crew's going to outback tonight. i'm so excited to eat some broccoli! lol. i love it there. weigh in is in 2 days, and i'm anxious to see what the scale holds for all of us. i talked to oj a few mins ago and it sounds like he's doing okay, but taking advantage of his flex with snacky food. i kinda like using mine for real food. i realized today that eating a bigger lunch really does help me more. i had soup with my usual sandwich and chips today and it really did stick with me so much longer.

diet coke has been in my cup all day long. that's probably not a good thing, but i don't mind too much. i've drank almost 2 liters of water, too, so i guess it's okay.

did i mention that i'm so glad tomorrow's friday?

i found an awesome deal on the iPod touch the boy's been wanting on ebay last night. i'm 'cited to play with it. guess i'll be the new owner of his old one - too bad my generic car doesn't have an auxillary jack. blah. i guess i'll use one of the fm transmitters (i think that's what they're called).

we've been listening to dmb all day and it's got me so for my shows that are coming up. less than 2 months!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

quote of the day

"you know i'm a bum now. sittin' on the couch, eating manwich, and watching pimp my ride."

i love my boyfriend.

Monday, February 23, 2009

blue ribbons

saturday's weigh-in brought a 3 lb loss and my 10 lb ribbon! :) i was so excited. i cannot believe how nervous i was going into the meeting. i think i just desperately wanted my hard work to pay off.

my weekend was fairly uneventful. friday was full of daniel time, saturday was full of girlie time, and sunday was birthday shopping for the madi girl and packing for richmond. i did get caught up on all of my tv. wasn't feeling the best yesterday, so really didn't get into much.

my sis has asked if daniel and i want to join in for game night with her and david on friday, so i'm kinda excited about that.

tia, angela, and i worked out this evening. i'm so proud of us! we are doing so well. i cannot believe how much easier things are this time around. today makes 3 weeks that i've been following the plan religiously and i decided this morning that i am a fan of diet coke. it no longer creates an after taste in my mouth, so i'm thankful for that, too. coke is probably the thing i miss most...but i cannot see spending 3 points on 1 can.

driving to work was a bit crazy this morning, with snow covered lanes in beckley. taylor swift got me here. i cried during the mom song again, which led to a "let's think about mom" session that lasted a little while.

work was also a little on the stressful side today. i'm looking forward to a day when work no longer is something i dread. not sure if it's the assignments or lack of guidance or a combination of the two that's driving me crazy.

in case i haven't mentioned it lately, i'm very thankful for daniel's presence in my life. we had such wonderful discussions this weekend, and i'm so proud of him for so many things. i love that we communicate. it's an ongoing joke with my work crew that i'm on my blackberry wayyyyy too much. and while that's true, i can't even begin to apologize for it. the boy and i message each other back and forth most of the day, and that constant contact is something i really enjoy. so if it's a picture of my dinner or a random "hey, what was your favorite pencil in elementary school?" message, i'm glad that i have someone i can communicate with freely.

it's another week in richmond, full of eating out - but i got my ww partner here with me, and m.g.t. here to workout with us.

did i mention that i'm addicted to the sims again?


Friday, February 20, 2009

love doesn't always come in convenient packages...

i've been reading the partially completed midnight sun that stephenie meyers posted on her website. for anyone that doesn't know, it's edward's version of twilight. the draft leaked on the internet, so it may never be finished. that makes me sad, because i love it just about as much as i loved twilight.

this line stood out to me:
love doesn't always come in convenient packages.

i adore it. and can relate. and some of the people i care most about should be able to relate, as i can see it fitting their circumstances.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

George, Washington (and i don't mean the president...)

DMB announced their summer tour dates yesterday, and this girl was E-X-C-I-T-E-D. i did a lil squeal and probably looked like an uncoordinated cheerleader as i continued to go on and on about my excitement to daniel, who was dying laughing at me.

i think my ww partner in crime is going to head to our favorite venues with me: burgettstown and noblesville. and my loving boyfriend as agreed to make the 3,000 mile trip to washington state to see the boys at the gorge on labor day weekend. i'm soooooo excited - though i vaguely remember saying last year that i would stop going to 10 shows per year. i must've meant 10 shows per tour...hehe. looks like i have 3 shows in april, 2 in june, 2 in august, and 3 in september. i do love that band.

daniel came down to richmond and spent the night with me. we had a really nice dinner at outback - and oddly enough, i was craving their broccoli. i'm convinced that whoever did that study that said it takes 21 days to form a habit is absolutely right. this is day 18 for me, and it's almost completely second nature at this point. i avoid even looking at the food that will tempt me. (sorry, ricky, that's why we aren't eating at pf chang's tonight)

i'm still super anxious about my weigh in on saturday. i better have lost!!! i've been really proud of all of us - and i can't thank tia enough for working out with me every night. it makes it easier to get in there every night, knowing that she's waiting on me. i think next week i might even attempt to break out the bathing suit and do some "swimming". this will be more of a cool-down tactic than anything, because i'm no swimmer. i do a lot of splashing and that's about it.

random thoughts:

i was pleased with the american idol results. i love my boy danny!
the rice at lunch was actually good today.
i'm very proud of my sister for buying a car.
i can't wait to watch biggest loser this weekend.
angela being in richmond will be a lovely thing.
greg is one of the funniest people i know.
i can't believe madi will be a year old next week.
i can't wait until august.
vftw is still one of my favorite websites.
i'm addicted to the 100+ lbs to lose board on the ww message boards.
i have a game plan in effect to avoid the hunger crankies that occurred last friday.

enough rambling for today.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

16 days

i've been choosing a healthier lifestyle for 16 days now. it's getting easier. last night it felt good to exercise, and i wasn't about to die, so that's definite progress. i resisted bloomin' onion at outback last night, too. :) baby steps. i'm in richmond for the long haul, so eating out is a daily occurence. i've been able to make healthy food choices so far. i love mydailyplate. i don't think i could do this without it.

i'm very anxious for the weigh in this weekend. i'm hoping for a loss.

i'm very proud of daniel. he's doing extremely well with his healthy eating, too. he's even cooking healthy meals in the evenings while i'm down here instead of eating out! he keeps me in line, too.

work sucks, but at least changing my eating habits is getting easier.


bet you love the title of this blog...

that's how i feel about work right now.

Monday, February 16, 2009


things i hate today
-the drive to richmond
-being away from Daniel while he's actually home
-richmond lunches
-richmond in general
-the lack of weight loss reflected on the scale saturday
-inconsistency in management
-the new britney spears song
-getting up at 4:45 am

that is all.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


it's day 11 without coke. i hadn't missed it too bad until this morning. i would kill for a coke right now - and while it's only 3 pts, i just can't justify drinking it. so i'll continue to drink this poland spring water the richmond office has so gratiously provided me and move on.

yeah, i'm in richmond and yeah, i hate it...but i did get a workout in last night and stayed in my points at firebirds. i wanted to eat my usual, but discovering the peanut butter pie is 32 points was a good wakeup call. tia and brett didn't try to get me to poorly, so all is well. we even did a lil shopping last night - it was nice to have someone to talk to and laugh with. tia even joined me in my workout next door!

i want to say something witty, but i'm feeling especially boring, so maybe later!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

dr. mario and tetris

i like dr. mario better than tetris. and i really miss q-bert.

daniel and i have been playing tetris almost every evening...we downloaded it on our wii. he SUCKS at dr. mario. it kinda makes me laugh.

nintendo and super nintendo rocked. i miss them. (guess who won a super nintendo in 6th grade for having the most accelerated reader points?!? ME! gotta love the babysitters club)

does this mean i'm getting boring? i finished reading the twilight saga, and now all i do in the evening is make dinner, walk away the pounds, watch my tivo'ed shows, and play tetris.

i should be studying...

Monday, February 9, 2009

today is...


i was so excited when i wrote that earlier. i think it just sounds cool. i love number 9-9-09 or when the mileage hits 9,999 (or any even number for that matter).

on a side note: today is also 1 year since i left michael. CRAZY what a difference a year makes - in your life, in your happiness, in your goals, in everything.

handy-man? not so much

wanna know something i suck at? (besides being patient...)

putting things together. the good news - wait, make that bad news - is that daniel is equally as bad. we bought this little cabinet to double as a pantry at lowe's yesterday. it was going to cure our problem of storing our canned foods with our pots and pans. new place = no cabinet space. anyways...the box says "assembled in minutes!". i guess by minutes, they meant an hour and a half and two cranky people later...

saturday was the 1st weight watchers weigh in. it went well! i was down 7 lbs, and was very excited about it. it's crazy how things are just kinda falling place this time around. i was really excited to see oj and sara join us at the meeting.

after the weigh in and some healthy breakfast treats from the shape shop, mandi, angela, and i headed to parkersburg for our spa day. it was my 1st professional massage, and i really did love it. it was soooo relaxing. i just wish it had been longer. it was a really nice place and honestly, the price is incredible. after our pampering, we went to lunch (davinci's in williamstown) and then headed back to charleston and watched "he's just not that into you". it was sooo funny. this is also one of the few times i went to the movies without getting popcorn. lol. sad, huh?

after girls' day, daniel and i went to subway then went grocery shopping AGAIN. i think we've spent close to $500 in the last 2 weeks on groceries. it's ridiculous. granted, that 1st trip was basically nothing but junk around the house one day when we were bored. but the other 2 times have been healthy-eating focused, and it really is pricier.

sunday was fairly boring, except for the fun cabinet assembly. we got caught up on lots of tv and and even a bit of housework.

off to grab another bottle of water

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm choosing a healthier lifestyle...

So I can shop in American Eagle.
So I will be healthy!
Because I want to get rid of the low gut.
So I can buy bras in Victoria’s Secret.
Because I want to go to an amusement park and ride all of the rides.
Because I want to wear a tankini at the beach that shows a little bit of my stomach.
Because smaller feet = cuter shoes.
Because it will save money.
So I can see my collarbone when I look in the mirror.
So I can have a healthy pregnancy some day.
Because I want to look amazing on my wedding day.
So I will fit comfortably in booths in all restaurants.
Because I want the seatbelt to fit comfortably on flights.
Because I’m worth it.
Because Daniel says I’m beautiful and I want to believe him.
And hopefully my snoring will decrease.
Because I want Dr. Dawley to be impressed at my next appointment.
Because Lane Bryant has cute stuff, but it’ll always be the fat girl store.
Because I’m tired of being limited to 1 clothes store.
Because I hate waiting on the elevator in Richmond.
So I can wear tanks without feeling self-conscious.
Because cute hair looks even cuter with cheek bones.
Because God only gave me one chin and I added two to it.
Because I hate sweating.
So my legs will stop rubbing together when I walk.
So I will no longer have squinty eyes.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the nudger

okay, i hate to be that girl...the one who posts multiple times in one day...but after a lunch that was less than appetizing (okay, fine, it was tasty, but it didn't include the peanut butter pie i wanted), i was cheered up by mandi's little nudger. i finally got to feel madison kick! it's actually the 1st baby i've ever felt kick, but i was pretty excited.

yay for being cheered up! i told mandi that she'd have to make her kick every time i get in a bad mood now.

(i wonder if i earned any activity points for the little jump i did when i finally felt her???)

Losing weight without speed eating sunflower seeds...

i'm blogging. i never really expected to, but ang suggested we start blogs to track our Weight Watchers journey, and i think it'll be a good way to monitor our progress.

angela and i went to our 1st meeting last weekend, and officially started the program on feb. 1st. i had worked the program several years ago as an online member only, but found the meetings to be a really positive atmosphere. i left the meeting feeling excited and motivated!

saturday was rick's wedding, so we were able to get some "before" shots. i am always a little shocked to see myself in pics - talk about a warped vision of one's self.
i'm VERY excited that daniel has decided to change his eating habits with me. it makes cooking dinner and staying focused a lot easier...
the 1st weigh-in will be early saturday morning, then the a-team is off to vienna for our spa treatments. i've never gotten a "real" massage, so i'm pretty excited about that too!

here's some
pics of us on 1/31.