Monday, October 19, 2009

bbq city

if i hear one more time that memphis has the best bbq, i might throw up.  i for one am a big buddy's bbq fan - buddy's as in small town, usa - as in huntington, wv buddy's.  it rocks.  i like them so much they catered my wedding.  basically there's 3 things to do in memphis - eat bbq, go to graceland, and drink.  i am leaning towards doing 0 out of the 3. 

i think it could be kinda fun to be here on a mini-vacation (think trip to see dmb, spend an extra few days), but being stranded with no car is not really my idea of a fun time - not to mention sitting in a classroom setting for hours on end. 

on a positive note, i've met some really nice people, and i'm making good money, so i will try to keep my complaining to a minimum.

there's not a lot new with me.  i've been kinda absent in the blog scene lately - just don't feel like i have much to add to the party, though i have missed reading you guys' updates.  seems like i'm not the only one going mia a lot of the time.  nothing new with the pregnancy stuff, either.  still tired, little to no nausea, pants feeling a lil less comfy.  that's about all i have going on.  oh, and that i gave in to my caffeine needs after 3 weeks of no caffeine.  i was mad - about what i can't now remember - but i wanted it and i wanted it bad - so i drank it.  i guess there's worse things i could have done...haha.

okay, i'm tired, and boring, and tired.  so, i'm out.  hope you guys are more interesting than me.


  1. in what should be news to no one - i'm not a fan of the memphis bbq either. however, mom & i did go to graceland - and it wasn't so bad - elvis was kinda hot back when he first started and went to war - then he got on drugs and looked like poop. but i'm a fan of the uniform wearing hottie at the beginning of his career (at least i'm a fan of his looks). also - the house is awesome with carpet on the ceilings. I'm thinking of re-doing the house like that. (kidding)

  2. i would love to go to graceland! hehe

  3. I have never been to Memphis, but would try the BBQ once and do want to go to Graceland, once. Drinking doesn't do much for me in general, but these days and future breastfeeding has that out of the question. LOL!

    Don't sweat the caffine fix. Once in a while is okay. Moderation is key. (But isn't that with everything in life? LOL!)

    Get as much rest as you can and enjoy the lack of nausea. :)

    Take Care,
    Patty (Tales of a plus size pregnancy)