Friday, February 5, 2010

non-dq blizzard and baby preparations

us lucky people in the DC/Baltimore area are being blessed with another blizzard.  seriously.  i'm not looking forward to it.  we were supposed to head to good ol' wv this weekend for a friend's baby shower, but instead i'm gonna be stuck watching the snow fall with a husband that is attempting to quit smoking by using chantix.  sound fun?  not so much.  no - seriously - i'm just teasing, he's doing really well, and i'm proud of him for quitting.

i hardly ever update, yet i'm finding myself at a loss for words.  basically the only thing going on is baby stuff...we did get the crib and changing table/dresser in.  we're not putting it together, however, for fear that emilee would end up collapsing on the floor, based on her mom and dad's skills in that department.  it'd either end up crooked or we'd end up broken and divorcing.  neither seem to be a good scenario.

i have another ultrasound on monday...they didn't get all the measurements they needed at my 20 week ultrasound, so they're doing another one at 24 weeks.  and probably another at 28 weeks.  since i'm overweight, they like to take extra precaution with her growth.  i also will be redoing my glucose screen at my 27 week appt, as well as all the other 28 week labs.  in less than 4 months emilee will be here.  it's kinda crazy to think about - but exciting at the same time. 

i feel like i've ballooned in the past 3 weeks or so.  i'm starting to feel her move more, and daniel has felt her move on one occasion, but i really think that was a fluke, since there hasn't been a repeat session.  here's a pic of me and daniel from a friend's wedding in can kinda see what i'm talking about with the "ballooning"...

it's gonna be a busy few months...i'm heading back to memphis - oh, yay, bbq city - on february 21 for more work training...i'll only be there a week this time.  then it's several trips to wv for birthdays, my baby shower, and the birth of my friend jill's baby boy.  i really think this year is flying by, and that kinda scares me.

for all you lost fans - tuesdays are now my favorite night.  i cannot wait to see the next episode.  this sideways stuff is getting to me.

what does everyone think of biggest loser?  i am having trouble getting attached to anyone this season - though i can't stand the red team.

dmb tour dates were announced - and it feels so weird not to be prepping for 6-10 shows this summer.  does this mean i'm growing up?  i'm not sure.  my love for the band hasn't changed - i just don't see how it's possible to go to that many.  i really do want to try to go to a show or two.  my 1 year anniversary will be july 10, and they are playing a show about 2 hours from the house on july 9, so i'm hoping maybe daniel and i can slip away for that one...aunt manda has offered to babysit - and if something comes up, i'm sure mamaw dee would be willing as well.  there's another show like 45 mins from our place later in july, so that one is a possibility as well.  i guess i will play it by ear, and see how emilee's doing.  while i'm excited about her arrival, there's a part of me that feels really sad about letting such a big part of my life go...i am not sure what else to say about it.  but i do have a vision of her sitting on daniel's shoulders at a show singing along to grey street while we dance in the lawn time will tell. :)

i'll end this for now - if i think of anythign interesting to share, i'll pop in.  maybe with some ultrasound pics on monday?


  1. I just had my third ultrasound too. It is fun getting to see who is kicking you. I wish I could do it each month. I am 28 weeks now how many are you?

  2. i'll be 24 weeks you're about a month ahead of me! :)