Tuesday, March 16, 2010


it's been too long since an update.  what's new on this end?  not much, really.  work, work, and more work.  i think that's why i struggle with updating this thing - i feel like i never have much to update on.  haha.

daniel and i are headed to wv for a long weekend thursday evening.  my baby shower is saturday - yay!!! - and then sunday i'm throwing my friend jill's baby shower.  i'm pretty excited to see everyone...it's been a long time since i've gotten to visit with most of the people i'll see this weekend. 

about the only thing i have going on is the pregnancy.  i'm more than seven months pregnant - can you believe that? i hardly can. it's gone by so fast as a whole...though some weeks have seemed longer than others.  i did a repeat of the 3 hour glucose test last week, and have been awaiting my results.  no news is good news, so i'm hoping i passed.  guess we will see.  i go back for another checkup tomorrow, so i'm sure i'll find out the results by then at the latest.

emilee has discovered a new trick.  she is kicking so hard these days.  she and daniel play a game almost every evening now.  wherever he puts his hand on my stomach, she'll kick until he moves it.  so he'll move it further left or right, and she'll follow him and do it again.  they do this for like a 1/2 hour every night.  he can't believe it doesn't hurt.  it really cracks me up.  i do not even know how she knows his hand is there...he's not really pressing hard on my stomach, so i don't know if she just senses the pressure or heat or what.  we've also been trying to get her room organized.  jill gave me a bunch of baby clothes of madi's, so we've been going through those, and separating everything according to size.  i'm trying to stay ahead of the game, but it takes a long time - your washer will hold soooo many baby clothes.  :)

my favorite thing about today is a new episode of lost is coming on.  i'm seriously addicted.  i'm kinda sad it's the final season - and i really just can't figure out what's going on. 

okay, i'm done with the randomness.  i'll try to update again after this weekend - complete with pictures.

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  1. How exciting! I hope you get lots of neato stuff at your shower. It must be hard to be prego and plan a shower. It was difficult for me to do for others not prego. Make sure you post pictures of your trip!

    Wow! 7 months already! She will be here before you know it!