Sunday, April 25, 2010

quick update with pics

i'm horrible.  i try to find the time/motivation to update this thing, but most days i fail miserably.  things were incredibly hectic the last few weeks of march into the 1st week of april, but have thankfully slowed down quite a bit.

my oldest friend had her baby boy on april 2.  we went to wv to be there to welcome mason into the world. 

so happy that he's finally here!
looking like a natural!
31w4d pregnant

i had an ultrasound the day after we returned.  these are the 3d pics at 31w6d.

i think she looks A LOT like her daddy in these.

everything has basically been about preparing for her arrival lately.  we have an insane amount of clothes in her closet, waiting to be worn.  manda has been awesome about making bows/headbands to match every cute thing we have.  lol.

i had a little scare on april 9 - i was spotting a little.  i called the doctor and they had me come in.  luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at it) it was "just" a yeast infection and UTI.  fun, let me tell you.  but much better than emilee arriving almost 8 weeks early.

i go tomorrow for my 35 week appointment.  35 weeks - seriously.  so we're at just a little over 5 weeks until my due date. i 'm wondering if she'll go to term or if i'll have to be induced.  on one hand, an induction would be nice for work purposes, as well as my fam and friends in wv making it up for the delivery.  on the other hand, i know that labor can be easier if you're not induced.  hoping to get some answers at my appointment tomorrow. 

here's a pic from last weekend.  i feel like i get more massive by the day.  lol.



  1. I am getting all veclempt and squishy at the ultrasound pictures. SQUEEE! Isn't it fun being very preggo??

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