Sunday, August 1, 2010

who has time to blog?

who has time to blog?  apparently not this new mom.  the return to work made blogging even more unlikely...

emilee went for her 2 month check up on thursday, and my chunky monkey now weighs 13 lbs, 10 oz and is 23.75 inches long.  she's at 97th percentile for weight and at 90-95th percentile for height - craziness!!!  i cannot believe how fast she's growing.

she's come down with her first cold and is a snotty mess.  now i used to be the girl who was gagging over snot, but oddly enough, when it's your daughter, it doesn't make you sick.  i never believe that'd happen, but somehow it did.  i'm hoping her cool new penguin humidifier does the trick and lets stinkerbell start breathing better again.

i returned to work on july 12, and while it was an adjustment (that first day was KILLER - i cried like a baby), i'm happy to report that we're in a good groove now.  emilee seems to like daycare and i've been pleased so far.  my least favorite part is paying them haha...but i knew it was going to be expensive. 

the zantac worked wonders and her reflux is almost non-existent these days.  the doctor said we'd try to wean her off the meds once she's sitting up good.

as for weight loss, daniel and i are doing decent.  the weekends are lacking major motivation.  i'm down 47 lbs since giving birth - nowhere close to my goal weight, but at least all the pregnancy weight is gone, plus about 10 more lbs. 

so this short and sweet, but it's already 7:30 and em is gonna need a bath shortly, and big brother comes on at know, priorities.  hehe.

hope all is well - i hope to get caught up on reading your blogs soon.


  1. Oh My GOSH the pics are so freakin cute.

    When I was a new mom my blog become more random snippets of life

    sentences so that Id remember the time/experience but not full on posts.

    I dont regret not blogging then---was glad I more chose to just BE.
    xo xo


  2. Wow!!! So cute. Hope my kid is as cute as yours.

  3. She is so precious and adorable. I so don't get to blog either, and I am okay with that. I know there will be a time when it's all I do again. But in the mean time, I have a precious little almost 8 month old who wants her mommy!