Tuesday, June 30, 2009

more of the same

i do not blog as often as i should. sorry - i seem to be lacking in stuff to talk about. which is SO unlike me.

in weight loss news, i lost 3.8 lbs last week (5 days were spent wearing the bugg). i kinda love the bugg. this got me down to a new middle number. :) grand total of weight lost since february 1? 31.2 lbs. i'm proud of it, but frustrated with myself because the last 6-8 weeks i've been about the same place. i had a breakthrough this week, though, and got lower than i've been this time around. i remember on april 9 i was down 25 lbs exactly, so i guess in 2.5 months i've lost like 6 lbs. nothing to complain about, at least it's going down. but i know i could definitely be lower if i had not let the weekends get in my way.

i like calorie counting. and as a loyal weight watcher gal, it's hard for me to say that. i like it a lot, though. as for the bugg, i'm a big fan, like i said. however, their online program? it sucks. i use dailyplate for calorie logging. i just use the display to tell me what i'm burning, and show my deficits on dailyplate instead of on their online program. if anyone has any questions about the bodybugg and/or program, just let me know. i'd be happy to share it with you!

so the wedding is 10 days away. ready to be a mrs. :) and ready to be laying out on waikiki beach!

my bridesmaids (bestie and jill) had me a dinner at outback this past weekend. got some nice gifts and got to spend time with my favs. it was big fun. here's a few pics:

me and the besties - mandi and baby madison

me and madi m - not the best pic of me, but she's smiling! :)
i look good with a baby, right? the boy wants one early next year, so we'll see!

some of the work crew!

me with the most thoughtful gift ever! mandi bought me a snowglobe music box that has me and daniel's names and our wedding inscribed on it!

me, jill, and madi g - the lovelies!

madi girl - she said aimee for the 1st time this weekend!

and that's all i've got...looking forward to the 3 day weekend! what's everyone doing for the 4th?


  1. It sounds like you had a great time with the ladies! great job on the weight loss. It helps me so much having you around!

  2. Congrats on all the weight lost so far. 30+ pounds is a lot! The pics are great. You are so cute and you look so happy. Love the hair too! 10 days?!?! I am excited for you. My hubby and I are going to start trying for a baby this fall. Let's hope for making a goal by then.

    The future is bright! You better wear shades.

  3. What gorgeous pictures! Kudos on the loss, missus! AWESOME numbers!

    I'm new to calorie counting and I love it too.

    wow ten days away huh? eeeep! Not long at all!

  4. You are sooooo beautiful! Awesome loss! Congrats on the soon to be Mrs status and I look forward to seeing pics of the wedding!

  5. Are you super excited for your wedding?

    I have a love/hate relationship with my trainer. I love having the trainer because he pushes me and I hate having him because he pushes me.

    I would not have made it near this far without him. Getting him was the best decision I have made with weight loss yet. Especially because he knows all about nutrition too.