Monday, June 15, 2009

shake me like a monkey

double post. can you believe it? i go weeks with barely posting, then i decide to do 2 in one day. shaking things up.

okay, so first of all, i have to let everyone know that i spent an hour and a half laughing hysterically at work today. "why?" you may ask. i was reading tricia's blog. that girl is hilarious - and i hate that i've been such a blog slacker lately and was so far behind on her life's tales. so if you don't read it - go over there, read it, laugh, and feel like your life has gained a little more purpose.

i exercised. i'm trying to decide if it's more shocking that i updated (twice!) or exercised. either way, i'm proud that i stayed true to my word. AND this girl is working weight watchers. yep. new aims. finally.

i'm saying "i do" in 25 day. i can't wait to post pics of my pretty, pretty dress for you guys. i really don't want daniel to see it, so you'll have to wait awhile longer.

does anyone watch so you think you can dance? i need to know who everyone's favorites are.

okay. that's all i've got. kinda boring for a 2nd post, huh?

EDIT: i updated my profile pic in honor of father's day coming up. that's my poppaw. THE best man i know.


  1. oooooo cant wait to see the dress *excited*
    Kudos on the posting and the exercise :D

    Tricias blog is awesome!

  2. I love Tricia, she makes me crack up! :)

    Wtg on the exercise!!

    YEah for Fathers that ROCK, including mine ( who also gave me my body type! lol)

  3. Aw, I feel so loved! Thanks girlies <3

    I can't wait to see wedding pics! I wanna see this dress, block him from your blog :P