Wednesday, November 4, 2009


i kinda suck at blogging, huh?  i've been SO BAD about updating lately.  i'm never, ever, ever on here.  it's harder for me to blog from work now that i don't work at massey, so i find that i rarely post anything new.

obviously i made it back from memphis okay.  it's GOOD to be back in my own bed.  for those wondering, yes, i tried the bbq, but i didn't make it to graceland.  the trip could've been much worse - but hey, it could've been better.  looks like i'll be going again in february, but it'll only be for a week this time.  i think that was part of the problem - 12 days away from home! 

i had my 1st doctor's appt for the baby today.  daniel took off work to tag along with me.  everything checked out exactly as it should.  they couldn't pick the heartbeat up with the doppler - the doctor said this is normal at 10 weeks - so we got an ultrasound.  we could see it's heart beating away on the screen.  the baby kept moving around and i think it looked like a wiggling worm.  it's head is way bigger than it's body, too.  haha.   i'm so glad the appt finally arrived - it made all of this seem a lot more "real".  daniel and i were so excited leaving the doctor - i couldn't wait to tell everyone about the baby and about seeing it!

i'm up 4 lbs since getting pregnant...the doctor seemed to think everything looked great, and didn't act like i should be too worried about my weight during the pregnancy, so that was a good thing.  they want me to keep my weight gain at around 15 lbs.

i'll try to be bettter about this, but really - no promises.  but you guys should blog because i still read the updates!!! :)


  1. Hehe, lucky you. When I went in to the doctor pregnant with my child, he said "I don't want you to gain ANY weight during this pregnancy."

    Me. "So, you mean you want me to LOSE 30-45 pounds?"

    Him: "Yeah, you could think of it that way."

    Good luck...

  2. Lovin the lil ink blot! hehe! I'm horrible about blogging now too...I always want to and then never have the time...

  3. Love the blog title lol Now I'll have to listen to my BWGGK :-)