Sunday, January 3, 2010

out with the old, in with the new

the new year that is.  2009 was a pretty big year full of new adventures for me.  started the year off moving to a bigger place (in wv) with the then boyfriend, joined ww, got engaged, planned a wedding, got married, went to hawaii, left my 1st "real" job, moved to md, started a new job, got pregnant, and moved again to a bigger place.  that's my year in a nutshell, and while all of these things have turned out to be positive choices, it seems like a lot for one person to endure in one year.  i'm wondering if 2010 will be full of lots of changes or just the biggest change yet - becoming a mom.

in baby/pregnancy news, last monday i had to go in for my 18 week checkup and they did the glucose tolerance screen a few weeks early since i'm overweight.  well, those results came back and i failed it, so i go again this coming friday to do the 3 hour test that will determine if i have gestational diabetes.  that means a strict, low carbohydrate diet for this ol' girl. 

we should get the results for daniel's cystic fibrosis gene carrier blood screen back tomorrow.  can't remember if i mentioned this before, but i was determined to be a cystic fibrosis gene carrier, so daniel had to get tested as well.  if his returns negative, then there's no chance baby hughes will have CF.  however, if he's positive, there's a 25% chance our baby will have it.  i'm trying to think positively, as the odds are in our favor, but it is still kinda scary.

baby stuff seems to be on my mind a lot these days.  i think that started with the baby's first movement.  i am dying to know if it's boy or girl (9 more days!!!) and to start really prepping for him/her.  daycare research is still taking place.  i'm hoping to make a decision sometime this month.  the expense of it all really freaks me out!!!

hope everyone enjoyed their new year's as much as i enjoyed mine.  daniel and i drove down to va to meet up with manda and jay.  we had a nice dinner, and then went back to their place to play games (lots of guitar hero, some wii arcade games, and then i introduced them to the awesome catchphrase).  it was one of my favorite new year's yet!  did anyone else watch the dick clark countdown?  we couldn't help but giggle, but wow, i feel bad for him.  he sounds so bad...that stroke did a number on him.  i think it's good they still let him participate, but still...

okay, i'm outta here.  i'm freezing and need to get back under the covers.  this -7 windchill is getting old!!!


  1. You're going to love being a mom! It'll surpass any expectation or excitment you have.

  2. Hope all goes well- I will be waiting to hear what the DOC says in 9 more days!