Wednesday, December 30, 2009

it's been awhile...

i realized it's been over a month since my last post.  i guess i just haven't had much to say, plus we've been really busy with trips home to WV, moving, and the holidays.

we moved to a bigger apartment earlier this month....3 bedrooms, 2 baths - compared to our 1 bedroom, 1 bath previously.  i feel like i moved into a house - lol.  we left 900 square feet to move into 1500 square's been really nice so far.  (except for our neighbors upstairs who sound like they're moving furniture at least 10 hours of the day)

we find out what the baby is on jan 12....less than 2 weeks now.  the suspense is killing me.  i'm ready to know if we're having emilee or evan.  we've been trying to prep for the baby - seems like there's a million things to consider and do, but we're slowly getting there...and i'm feeling less overwhelmed the more decisions we make.  daycare seems to be the's soooooo expensive up here.  we're almost halfway through this pregnancy thing - 18 weeks today.

from my 1st prenatal appt, i'm up 7 lbs.  i don't love that, but i partially blame the holidays.  well, i guess i blame myself, but the holidays were thrown in there.

as for new year's plans, we're getting together with manda and jay - i'm looking forward to it, as we haven't seen them in FOREVER.  we'll probably just grab some dinner and then hang out for awhile.  i'm really excited for the easy, 3 day weekend.  :) 

okay, i'll try to make an appearance more often.  you guys keep blogging, it keeps me entertained at work!


  1. Oh my how I have missed you. Glad things are good for you.

    That apartment is like a house. More square feet than mine.

    Please post about the baby and pregnancy. Hopefully I will follow in your foot steps soon.

  2. SO glad to see an update from you! :) You MUST tweet or blog after you find out if its Emilee or Evan!!! SO cute! :) Glad things are well for you guys! :)