Sunday, July 5, 2009

ms cranky pants

i'm cranky and stressed. i have nothing nice to say, but i did want to share a few pics from the weekend. i was less cranky and stressed then.

we were looking super cute in our red, white, and blue on the 4th

poppaw was a grilling machine

i'm working on the bad mood.
in weight loss news, i was down 1.5 this past week. not bad considering the junk food i ate at camp (think smores).
wedding's in 4 days - one ray of light in this craptastic day!
hope you're all feeling happier than i!


  1. unfortunately i'm feeling every bit as grumpy as you sound. misery loves company though, right?

  2. cheer up buttercup :) Hope your day gets better my friend! :)

  3. Feel better!! Focus on the wedding and Hawaii - screw everything else!!!

  4. I love the pictures :-) Your pawpaw makes me happy haha just wanna run and give him a hug.

    It's your wedding and you can be grumpy if you want too :-) I give you permission, but come the day you have to enjoy it and be in the moment.

  5. *HUGS* great pictures! Hope the mood shifts soon!

    Kudos on the loss :D

    wow 4 days away? *excited for you*