Monday, November 9, 2009

happy birthday, dear seuss....and maybe a bit of a breakdown.

yesterday was my birthday!  i love birthdays like you wouldn't believe.  love them.  would throw a surprise party for everyone every year if possible.  :)

the birthday celebrations started saturday with manda and jay.  we drove down to their house, ate dinner at outback, and then went to see the capitals hockey game.  it was my 1st time on the metro and everything!  okay, fine, i was a little proud of that.  it was a really good time...i didn't know what to expect at the game, but it was very fast paced, and we all had fun!  plus we got the best ice cream ever while we were there.  aunt manda and uncle jay bought the baby this:

love it!

anyways, the birthday celebrations continued into yesterday.  daniel and i got up early and drove to morgantown to meet jill, janie, and the madi girl.  we ate outback - yes, again - and then went shopping.  jill was trying to find some maternity clothes, but had no luck.  madi is a babbling fool now.  she talks soooo much.  she's even saying aimee plain as day, and trying to say daniel - it sounds more like dannel.  lol.  i was really happy to see them, but it made me really want thanksgiving to hurry up and get here so i can see everyone else!!!  i have plans made for almost every day that i'm home over thanksgiving.  i'm soooo looking forward to the long break.

let's rewind for a second.  friday night was a big breakdown by me.  huge, even.  i think daniel wanted to kill me.  i'm trying to decide if it was all pregnancy hormones related...who knows?  whatever the case, it was bad.  so daniel and i went out to dinner friday night (japanese steakhouse food - yum) and then went to the mall to try and find me some jeans that didn't make me leave them unbuttoned. well, no department store had maternity jeans for plus size gals. none. so i went to lane bryant, and the size i normally wear is too small in the i try the next size up...too small in the waist, still...but WAY TOO BIG everywhere else. so we left the mall, and I was just not happy, because I had no clue what to do. well, i guess i was being a lil cranky, but i honestly just didn't have anything to say, i was just bummed that nothing fit, and i was mad at myself for being fat. so then we get home, and daniel's all like i don't know why you're so upset, you need to calm down, it's not a big deal. you look just like you've always looked. so i started crying, and just didn't say anything, and continued to cry FOR OVER 2 HOURS. because i couldn't find a fitting pair of jeans. seriously.  anyways, i ended up ordering a pair of jeans from old navy in a size bigger and a pair of their maternity xxl jeans. just to see which i need. through tears, mind you. he went to bed like an hour before me, and i was still crying, and finally when i went to bed, he was like are you okay now, and that made me cry harder. i fell asleep crying. my eyes looked so bad saturday morning.  the next day we stopped at the motherhood outlet store in leesburg, and they carried plus sizes. i tried on 2 pairs of maternity jeans, which were all way too big. i did buy the bella band thing, though, and i think it's gonna help. funny thing is, when i got up saturday, i weighed and was down 4 lbs, and my jeans fit.  lol.  all of that over a bloated stomach.  nice, huh?  (in reality, i think missing my mom might have something to do with it all - my birthday is always hard 'cause it's the last time i spoke to her)

okay, this a long post - especially for me, as of late.  nothing else new - going back to the doctor on nov 24 for the 1st trimester screening and there's a *slight* chance we might find out the sex of the baby, and then i go back on the 30th for my 14 week appt.

is anyone else having crazy warm weather?  it's almost HOT here!!!!


  1. Aunt manda & Uncle jay can't wait for the dot to get here and wear it's Caps outfit(s). YAY! I think we should take the baby to a Caps game and try to get one of the players to autograph him/her. Too much? xoxo! Love you!

  2. I love the outfits, too cute! And Manda, the baby has technically already been to a game ;-)

    Glad you had a good b-day weekend but sad about all the jean drama.

    Took me a minute understand your title too, love your pawpaw :-)

  3. awww sounds totally like pregnancy hormones to me, poor you. its not fun. poor Daniel too LOL