Tuesday, November 24, 2009

crazy easy

i've been at work for about 45 minutes and am already to get out of here.  it's a short day, though...i leave here at noon to head to the doctor for my 1st trimester screening (ultrasound) and then i've got about a million things to do before we hit the road to wv later tonight. 

i'm really looking forward to going home...i haven't been home since sometime in september, which really surprises me.  just had about a million things going on, it seems.  we should get to the g'rents at 10 or so tonight, and won't be returning to MD until sunday evening sometime.  it's a long break, but i'm a little worried about leaving the boycat that long.  d swears he'll be fine, so i'm holding him to it...

no real complaints on this end.  surprised, i'm sure.  things have been rolling along fairly smooth lately.

in the spirit of thanksgiving...
things i'm thankful for at this moment
  • my husband, who makes me laugh.  (dreams of fried eggs and random voicenotes come to mind)
  • the dot aka baby hughes
  • finding jeans that fit last night (this is a biggie, as i've been looking for over a month)
  • my grandparents for treating me like i'm their daughter
  • bestie, lovely, and richmond friend time this week!
  • my in-laws
  • girl time with my FF, which always involves good talks, good food, and brutal honesty
  • super mario world on wii and the penguin suit in the ice worlds
  • bloggers - because they keep me educated, and pass my time at work
  • dmb - for making the drive to work much more bearable, and for many other things
  • DVR and TiVo
  • stephenie meyer for writing one of my favorite stories and leaving me twilight obsessed again this week
  • good health insurance coverage
  • my prenatal vitamins for keeping me un-sick so far this year
  • my iPhone - i can't help it, i'm addicted, and i love it.

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