Tuesday, July 28, 2009

flogger stalker

so...my friend amanda created a blog. yes, you should read it because:
  1. i like her
  2. she's awesome
  3. she reads yours.

since she is now admitting to her stalker status, i do think she should be invited to the Flogger event. now, since she's not an actual Flogger, i vote we upgrade her to Flogger Stalker status, and give her an honorary invite.

thank you, thank you.


  1. I second that!
    Only because I want to get a cheaper hotel room and if we all can put up with each other for the weekend you're talking $30 a night lol j/k

  2. of course! I'll send her an invite :)

  3. So I may be retarded but what is a flogger?

    I will visit her blog for sure.

    Oh and I got my tattoo about 12 years ago but if I remember right it did not hurt much. First because I got it in a spot where there is no bone or tendon, only muscle. After a few minutes it went numb and I felt nothing after that.