Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i'm baaaaaaaaack!

did you guys miss me? silly question - of course you did. i'm so excited to read everyone's updates...i'm way behind.

okay, 1st things 1st. the wedding went really well. we had a bit of a rain scare, i hated my hair, things weren't going super easy, but in the end it all fell into place, and i think the wedding turned out super nice. the setting was really pretty. i'm anxiously awaiting our professional pics and to see more wedding pics in general - i've just seen a few snapshots that people took.

the honeymoon was perfect. i loved hawaii. we stayed at the marriott at waikiki beach and the hotel was super nice, and the staff really attentive. that was one of our favorite beaches. i was so proud of daniel for getting into the ocean, too! he doesn't really know how to swim, so the water typically makes him a little nervous, but he did really well. i showed him some floating techniques, and we played in the water a lot. we really enjoyed that. we took a lot of things in - the dole plantation, a luau at the polynesian cultural center, the north shore, the windward side of the island. the thing you guys should be proud of is our hike up diamond head. it was CRAZY. i was so disgusting at the end - but i'm really proud of us for sticking to it.

we got in late yesterday evening, and switching back to eastern time has been killer.

as for the weight gain, i weighed in this morning 13 lbs heavier than i did on my wedding day. yes, 13. can you believe that? ughhhh. but it's back on track today. we ate A LOT of good food while we were gone, and had ice cream almost every day. i was anticipating a bad gain.

okay, so i'm obsessed with big brother, and watched the 5 episodes that have aired so far last night when i got in. does anyone else watch it?

okay, i'm off to read the updates - it'll take me a few hours, i'm sure.

i'll leave you with some pics! and if you're interested, you can view all of my honeymoon pics here: pictures and more pictures and a few wedding pics here.


  1. You look so beautiful! What a super cute couple. I am glad you had fun but so glad you are back. It is also impressive that you did not get sunburned.

    Don't worry about that gain. A couple of lower cal days and you will have a big drop.

    It is so great he got in the ocean. That memory will last you forever. Good times!! And many more to come....

  2. I love the pics of you 2 in the blue :-) Happy smiles! And I am so glad you are back! Missed you mucho!

  3. awwwwww you look absolutely divine. seriously, just wow. i was a looky looky at your pics and im going to comment like a hundred times on everything. be prepared :D definitely missed!

    don't even stress over that gain. you were having a once in a life time experience. you were allowed to have to some time off to just enjoy life :D holiday gains come off quickly anways...

  4. Congratulations on your wedding!

    Did you happen to go to a restaurant in Honolulu called "Eggs and Things"? I went to Hawaii about three years ago (amazing!) and ate at this place almost every day, it was so so so good. Ooh I am so bummed that I didn't find your blog earlier to tell you about it! My favorite thing about the Dole plant? Chocolate covered pineapple and pineapple ice cream. Mmmmm.