Tuesday, July 28, 2009

slacker girl

i've been slacking - big time on the blog front.

this is just gonna be a quick update - as i really don't have much to report.

i've lost 7 of my 13 honeymoon pounds without really trying. i'm half-assing the entire attempt at the moment, which means i don't go completely overboard, but i'm not really trying that hard either. i miss my drive behind it...

on a positive note, daniel and i did find a place to live in frederick. on a negative note, i still don't know when i'll be starting work. haha.

this coming weekend is another dmb weekend...my last of the year. i decided to play the responsible card and bail on the trip to the gorge, though it completely made me the giddiest girl just a few months ago. but the expense of moving and of all the awesome things i wanna buy for the new place make me think that spending another $700 on flights to see a band i'll have seen 40 times after this weekend is probably not the smartest thing to do.

i also think this weekend will be the last time i see angela for who knows how long. her new job starts monday, and i'll still be down here in crapmond, so i'm not sure what that means. our little audit family sure is changing...

married life is happy life, though.

i haven't been sleeping well. i used to be the girl that could lay down and would be snoring loudly in about 45 seconds. no joke. i now toss and turn, and look at the clock for at least one hour every night, and a lot of times, i'll fall asleep, but then be wide awake and stare at the clock for close to 2 hours during the night. anyone else do this? or any idea why it suddenly happened? i blamed it on hawaii first...but i've been back for over a week now. and i don't feel like i haven't adjusted back to the time change, so i dunno. stress? all the change? who knows?

EDIT: ang asked me if i wanted to attend the blogger meet up thingy in cleveland with her. i figure that could only be answered with a yes.


  1. We will just have to make sure to have lots of visits :-) And we still have bbm haha.

    I'm so glad we get to end our time together with a DMB weekend though. What better way to see each other off?

    Yay for the Flogger trip!

  2. I bet your just stressed and tossing and turing at night is your brain not able to fall asleep :) Sounds like me when I worry. Hope things get better soon!

    YIPEEE to Flogger! I will be there! :) Cant wait!

  3. I recently went to Mexico for my 5th anniversary and I had the exact same problem when I got back. I couldn't sleep a wink! I blamed it on the fact that in Mexico we had a king-sized bed and had to come back home to a queen-sized bed. Funnily enough the mattress in Mexico was hard as a rock and I slept like a baby. Now that I am home with my Temperpedic mattress I haven't slept nearly as well. Weird.


  4. woot. told you the holiday weight would come off real quick :D

    you can only say YES to cleveland. I hope to cross the pond and make it.

    I havent been sleeping well either. Finally caught up with me and I had to have a nap. weird for me. hope it sorts itself out soon.