Monday, May 18, 2009


i feel like such a fraud for posting this, but it is what it is.

week 15: -4, -30 total

i feel fraud-y because i ate bad this weekend. but yet that's what the scale said. i did have a good week, though...the weekend was just typical. i have got to get a handle on them. stupid evaroni's pizza. ("in all the world there is only one evaroni's", and i'm telling you people that are not near huntington, wv that you should be glad!)

in wedding news, daniel and i applied for our marriage license today. awwww. and i got fingerprinted for the new job. :) hoping everything goes well with all of that - especially since i spent over 3 hours on a form the other night. haha. i've also almost finished everything for the wedidng. the bridesmaids have their dresses picked out. decorations are all taken care of. we need to order tux rentals and buy my wedding band and we're good to go!

i'm boring. so that is all for today.


  1. pittsburgh has fiori's pizza . . . which is the best pizza in the world . . . we may have to have a pizza-off. :) yay for 4 pounds though!

  2. well...I guess a congrats are in order, even though u had pizza lol :) Take the loss this week... :) High 5!

    :) tj

  3. Evaroni's? How have I not heard of this? I've been craving a good Gino's pizza lately...another one of those wonderful things you can only get around home.

    Congrats on both the loss and the planning!! Sooo exciting! :)

  4. Do not apologize. Enjoy the loss. I am thrilled for you. Even more so that your wedding errands are getting finished. That part sucks. It will all be worth it when you have a fabulous wedding the way you want it. So I see your week as win, win. Congrats! Keep up the great work.

  5. Don't feel like a fraud, just enjoy the loss!