Wednesday, May 6, 2009

slacker 2.0 - the blog version

i'm slacking - but only with blogging. i've been so on track this week. makes me feel good. let me preface that by saying that i gained 4 lbs last week...dang. the ice cream from cold stone creamery did not help, nor did the olive garden celebration with the g'rents. good news is the 4 lbs is already gone, and hopefully some more will be off before monday's weigh in.

week 13: +4, -24.4 (ugh - wrong direction much?)

anyways...bad weekend, but excellent start to this week.

  • i've been swamped at work.
  • i had a phone interview this morning that looks sooooo promising. *fingers crossed* she told me if i hadn't been given an offer in 2 weeks, to call her back.
  • we're having a mother's day cookout on sunday, and i am kinda excited about Hughes family time.
  • big fight with my sister = the return of the boycat. kinda happy to have parker back at home with me and daniel.

that's all i've got. boring, huh?


  1. pppsst come take a peek at my blog ...I picked ya! :)tj

  2. your boy cat is more like a grown man cat now haha

    Proud of you for losing what you gain! And you know you'll lose more! You rock!

  3. Wow. Definitely a great start if you've already whipped off that gain. kudos, missus!

  4. Good luck with the job! I know how awesome it will be when you can be with Daniel - I hated when Troy and I were doing the long distance thing.

    You MUST go in the arch if you make it back to STL. It's something everyone should do once - more than that is a little overrated, but it is amazing to see - and feel! There's so much to do there, it could definitely be a vacation spot!

  5. Good luck on the job!

    PS: left ya something on my blog!