Friday, May 29, 2009

i'm here...

i haven't completely disappeared. promises.

i'm doing well on weight watchers somedays, horrible on others. it's hit and miss. i did well monday and tuesday...then wednesday and thursday were bad, but today's been well.

i'm swamped at work, and still stressed about life in general.

but the boy's coming home this weekend, and i'm looking forward to that.

maybe i'll have something to update soon...we'll see.

highlights of the week:
keith urban concert
madi madison and bestie time
LOST ---> i'm obsessed.

yep, that's it. :)


  1. I cant wait for LOST to come back! I wonder if they will even remember each other! OMG!


  2. I heard the Keith Urban concert was great! Jealous that you went!! I should've taken Lauren...haha!

  3. Hope you post again soon. I love to read it. Sounds like you are busy. As long as you have fun too.