Thursday, May 14, 2009

you might die trying

"if you give, you begin to live". sorry, dmb = stuck in my head. plus the lyrics kinda fit today.

i've kinda been sucking. wait, make that i've really been sucking. i can't stay on track. i do great during the week - for the most part - then the weekend comes and everything i know about ww and weightloss and healthy food choices go out the window. it's like, holy crap, it's the weekend! eat! you may never eat again!!! grrrr. i've been playing with the same 5 lbs or so for the past month. it's frustrating. why do i do this to myself, when i know how to work the program?

since i suck ww this week, i am late in reporting my weekly update. but here it is.

week 14: -1.6, -26 lbs total

in case you're counting, that's less than 2 lbs per week. thanks to the suckage.

STRESS. did i mention that i am under an insane amount of stress? i'm letting myself stress over everything. guess who gets the moodies, and crankies, and smart comments due to the stress? daniel. i feel bad for him! he has about 4 weeks home before starting the new job, with only 1.5 weeks remaining, and i've been not so nice the majority of the time. he's wonderful for putting up with me and for trying to talk to me about what's bothering me and trying to calm me down.

um, since we're in such a negative place this morning thus far, let's talk about something optimistic....i got a job offer!!! :) pending my security clearance (which stresses me for some unknown reason), i'll be kissing my current position goodbye and working in the DC area. AND my FF works there, too! :) it seems like everything's falling into place for me and daniel, which is great.

so why the bad mood again?


  1. Sometimes we all get the blues but you had good news. Good job on WI! Whoo hoo and good news about the job!! Thats great that all of the puzzle pieces are falling into place. Now you just need to focus more on YOURSELF! You are so worth it! You can do it!!

    :) tj

  2. Aw the title is my diet theme song haha

  3. Congrats on the job! I'm sure you'll pass the security clearance - how awesome to work in the DC area?! That's what I had hoped to do when Troy was in Richmond. Good luck with the stress - I think once you hear for sure you got the job, everything else will settle down.

  4. can't be doing that bad. My average weekly loss for the past few months is 0.4. THAT is suckage.

    Keep your head up hon. And seriously, stressin out is going to cause you to hold onto that weight.

  5. Stress is a bitch, man!

    Good on the loss though. *highfives* on the job.

  6. Sweet! Job offers are always good. Especially in this economy. Great job. I feel your pain over the last 5 pounds. If you can cheat on the weekends and still lose weight you are rockin' it. Enjoy your time with your man while you still can. Always end on a good note. Cheers to you both!!