Thursday, February 12, 2009


it's day 11 without coke. i hadn't missed it too bad until this morning. i would kill for a coke right now - and while it's only 3 pts, i just can't justify drinking it. so i'll continue to drink this poland spring water the richmond office has so gratiously provided me and move on.

yeah, i'm in richmond and yeah, i hate it...but i did get a workout in last night and stayed in my points at firebirds. i wanted to eat my usual, but discovering the peanut butter pie is 32 points was a good wakeup call. tia and brett didn't try to get me to poorly, so all is well. we even did a lil shopping last night - it was nice to have someone to talk to and laugh with. tia even joined me in my workout next door!

i want to say something witty, but i'm feeling especially boring, so maybe later!

1 comment:

  1. I'm proud of you for resisting the coke and for working out :-)