Monday, February 23, 2009

blue ribbons

saturday's weigh-in brought a 3 lb loss and my 10 lb ribbon! :) i was so excited. i cannot believe how nervous i was going into the meeting. i think i just desperately wanted my hard work to pay off.

my weekend was fairly uneventful. friday was full of daniel time, saturday was full of girlie time, and sunday was birthday shopping for the madi girl and packing for richmond. i did get caught up on all of my tv. wasn't feeling the best yesterday, so really didn't get into much.

my sis has asked if daniel and i want to join in for game night with her and david on friday, so i'm kinda excited about that.

tia, angela, and i worked out this evening. i'm so proud of us! we are doing so well. i cannot believe how much easier things are this time around. today makes 3 weeks that i've been following the plan religiously and i decided this morning that i am a fan of diet coke. it no longer creates an after taste in my mouth, so i'm thankful for that, too. coke is probably the thing i miss most...but i cannot see spending 3 points on 1 can.

driving to work was a bit crazy this morning, with snow covered lanes in beckley. taylor swift got me here. i cried during the mom song again, which led to a "let's think about mom" session that lasted a little while.

work was also a little on the stressful side today. i'm looking forward to a day when work no longer is something i dread. not sure if it's the assignments or lack of guidance or a combination of the two that's driving me crazy.

in case i haven't mentioned it lately, i'm very thankful for daniel's presence in my life. we had such wonderful discussions this weekend, and i'm so proud of him for so many things. i love that we communicate. it's an ongoing joke with my work crew that i'm on my blackberry wayyyyy too much. and while that's true, i can't even begin to apologize for it. the boy and i message each other back and forth most of the day, and that constant contact is something i really enjoy. so if it's a picture of my dinner or a random "hey, what was your favorite pencil in elementary school?" message, i'm glad that i have someone i can communicate with freely.

it's another week in richmond, full of eating out - but i got my ww partner here with me, and m.g.t. here to workout with us.

did i mention that i'm addicted to the sims again?


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  1. I'm proud of you! And Thanks so much for the motivation this week! I'm glad you are my partner in crime on ww :-)