Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Losing weight without speed eating sunflower seeds...

i'm blogging. i never really expected to, but ang suggested we start blogs to track our Weight Watchers journey, and i think it'll be a good way to monitor our progress.

angela and i went to our 1st meeting last weekend, and officially started the program on feb. 1st. i had worked the program several years ago as an online member only, but found the meetings to be a really positive atmosphere. i left the meeting feeling excited and motivated!

saturday was rick's wedding, so we were able to get some "before" shots. i am always a little shocked to see myself in pics - talk about a warped vision of one's self.
i'm VERY excited that daniel has decided to change his eating habits with me. it makes cooking dinner and staying focused a lot easier...
the 1st weigh-in will be early saturday morning, then the a-team is off to vienna for our spa treatments. i've never gotten a "real" massage, so i'm pretty excited about that too!

here's some
pics of us on 1/31.

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