Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm choosing a healthier lifestyle...

So I can shop in American Eagle.
So I will be healthy!
Because I want to get rid of the low gut.
So I can buy bras in Victoria’s Secret.
Because I want to go to an amusement park and ride all of the rides.
Because I want to wear a tankini at the beach that shows a little bit of my stomach.
Because smaller feet = cuter shoes.
Because it will save money.
So I can see my collarbone when I look in the mirror.
So I can have a healthy pregnancy some day.
Because I want to look amazing on my wedding day.
So I will fit comfortably in booths in all restaurants.
Because I want the seatbelt to fit comfortably on flights.
Because I’m worth it.
Because Daniel says I’m beautiful and I want to believe him.
And hopefully my snoring will decrease.
Because I want Dr. Dawley to be impressed at my next appointment.
Because Lane Bryant has cute stuff, but it’ll always be the fat girl store.
Because I’m tired of being limited to 1 clothes store.
Because I hate waiting on the elevator in Richmond.
So I can wear tanks without feeling self-conscious.
Because cute hair looks even cuter with cheek bones.
Because God only gave me one chin and I added two to it.
Because I hate sweating.
So my legs will stop rubbing together when I walk.
So I will no longer have squinty eyes.

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