Thursday, February 19, 2009

George, Washington (and i don't mean the president...)

DMB announced their summer tour dates yesterday, and this girl was E-X-C-I-T-E-D. i did a lil squeal and probably looked like an uncoordinated cheerleader as i continued to go on and on about my excitement to daniel, who was dying laughing at me.

i think my ww partner in crime is going to head to our favorite venues with me: burgettstown and noblesville. and my loving boyfriend as agreed to make the 3,000 mile trip to washington state to see the boys at the gorge on labor day weekend. i'm soooooo excited - though i vaguely remember saying last year that i would stop going to 10 shows per year. i must've meant 10 shows per tour...hehe. looks like i have 3 shows in april, 2 in june, 2 in august, and 3 in september. i do love that band.

daniel came down to richmond and spent the night with me. we had a really nice dinner at outback - and oddly enough, i was craving their broccoli. i'm convinced that whoever did that study that said it takes 21 days to form a habit is absolutely right. this is day 18 for me, and it's almost completely second nature at this point. i avoid even looking at the food that will tempt me. (sorry, ricky, that's why we aren't eating at pf chang's tonight)

i'm still super anxious about my weigh in on saturday. i better have lost!!! i've been really proud of all of us - and i can't thank tia enough for working out with me every night. it makes it easier to get in there every night, knowing that she's waiting on me. i think next week i might even attempt to break out the bathing suit and do some "swimming". this will be more of a cool-down tactic than anything, because i'm no swimmer. i do a lot of splashing and that's about it.

random thoughts:

i was pleased with the american idol results. i love my boy danny!
the rice at lunch was actually good today.
i'm very proud of my sister for buying a car.
i can't wait to watch biggest loser this weekend.
angela being in richmond will be a lovely thing.
greg is one of the funniest people i know.
i can't believe madi will be a year old next week.
i can't wait until august.
vftw is still one of my favorite websites.
i'm addicted to the 100+ lbs to lose board on the ww message boards.
i have a game plan in effect to avoid the hunger crankies that occurred last friday.

enough rambling for today.



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  2. Tis a lovely thing to be excited for DMB season and your partner in crime coming down. You will have to keep me in line next week :-)

  3. I love Dave Mathews Too. Saw the band in Syracuse a couple years ago.

  4. i so cannot believe that the rice was good! and i didn't know that mis bought a car!!