Thursday, February 26, 2009

82 degrees

it's 82 degrees in the office i'm working in. it's yucky. we've got a fan blowing on high, but i think all it's really doing is circulating the hot air. goodness.

today has been a busy day, but i'm so thankful it's the last full day in richmond for this week. i don't think i can take much more of m.g.t. or the crap i'm working on. ha.

i loved idol last night. i thought it was so much better than last week's. i'm still a huge danny fan, but i really enjoyed normund, kris, allison, and adam last night. for some crazy reason, i really want normund to go through. mainly because i know vftw loves him, but also because i laughed so hard. *karate kick*

the crew's going to outback tonight. i'm so excited to eat some broccoli! lol. i love it there. weigh in is in 2 days, and i'm anxious to see what the scale holds for all of us. i talked to oj a few mins ago and it sounds like he's doing okay, but taking advantage of his flex with snacky food. i kinda like using mine for real food. i realized today that eating a bigger lunch really does help me more. i had soup with my usual sandwich and chips today and it really did stick with me so much longer.

diet coke has been in my cup all day long. that's probably not a good thing, but i don't mind too much. i've drank almost 2 liters of water, too, so i guess it's okay.

did i mention that i'm so glad tomorrow's friday?

i found an awesome deal on the iPod touch the boy's been wanting on ebay last night. i'm 'cited to play with it. guess i'll be the new owner of his old one - too bad my generic car doesn't have an auxillary jack. blah. i guess i'll use one of the fm transmitters (i think that's what they're called).

we've been listening to dmb all day and it's got me so for my shows that are coming up. less than 2 months!!!!

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  1. Yay for DMB in a few months! I'm proud of you this week! I know you will have a loss on Sat!