Tuesday, February 17, 2009

16 days

i've been choosing a healthier lifestyle for 16 days now. it's getting easier. last night it felt good to exercise, and i wasn't about to die, so that's definite progress. i resisted bloomin' onion at outback last night, too. :) baby steps. i'm in richmond for the long haul, so eating out is a daily occurence. i've been able to make healthy food choices so far. i love mydailyplate. i don't think i could do this without it.

i'm very anxious for the weigh in this weekend. i'm hoping for a loss.

i'm very proud of daniel. he's doing extremely well with his healthy eating, too. he's even cooking healthy meals in the evenings while i'm down here instead of eating out! he keeps me in line, too.

work sucks, but at least changing my eating habits is getting easier.

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