Monday, February 9, 2009

handy-man? not so much

wanna know something i suck at? (besides being patient...)

putting things together. the good news - wait, make that bad news - is that daniel is equally as bad. we bought this little cabinet to double as a pantry at lowe's yesterday. it was going to cure our problem of storing our canned foods with our pots and pans. new place = no cabinet space. anyways...the box says "assembled in minutes!". i guess by minutes, they meant an hour and a half and two cranky people later...

saturday was the 1st weight watchers weigh in. it went well! i was down 7 lbs, and was very excited about it. it's crazy how things are just kinda falling place this time around. i was really excited to see oj and sara join us at the meeting.

after the weigh in and some healthy breakfast treats from the shape shop, mandi, angela, and i headed to parkersburg for our spa day. it was my 1st professional massage, and i really did love it. it was soooo relaxing. i just wish it had been longer. it was a really nice place and honestly, the price is incredible. after our pampering, we went to lunch (davinci's in williamstown) and then headed back to charleston and watched "he's just not that into you". it was sooo funny. this is also one of the few times i went to the movies without getting popcorn. lol. sad, huh?

after girls' day, daniel and i went to subway then went grocery shopping AGAIN. i think we've spent close to $500 in the last 2 weeks on groceries. it's ridiculous. granted, that 1st trip was basically nothing but junk around the house one day when we were bored. but the other 2 times have been healthy-eating focused, and it really is pricier.

sunday was fairly boring, except for the fun cabinet assembly. we got caught up on lots of tv and and even a bit of housework.

off to grab another bottle of water

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