Wednesday, April 15, 2009


i've eaten a lot of chicken the past few days.'s like all i've been eating. it's just so easy to stay in points that way, and i actually enjoy grilled chicken. this is the 3rd day in a row i've had it for lunch, plus i had it for dinner last night, too. i'm mixing it up just a little, though. i had a1 on it one day, and last night i baked it in the oven with ff italian dressing as the marinade. tasty!
got some good news and bad news on the weight watchers front. the good news is i've stayed at my target points everyday. the bad news is i haven't been working out. things have been so hectic, it seems. i've had so much to do, and get caught up on. no excuses, though..i totally could've been working out while i watched american idol and biggest loser last night. (sidenote: i love tara).

baby madison has been so happy to have some time with her aunt aims... :) well, and aunt aims has been loving it, too. here's a bestie pic:

how wee is my newest niece? love them both!

and now for the best news...daniel got a position with fema that will allow him to stop traveling!!! :) i'm so happy about it. it will involve him moving to cumberland, md, but i'll take it. i am looking for work up that way (if you have any leads, let me know!!!), but for the meantime, it'll work out nicely, because it's only about 3 hours from home, and when i'm in richmond, it's only 4 hours from there. i'm so happy about it. more than anything, i wanted us to actually be able to spend our marriage together...and it looks like it's working out. i was so happy yesterday. it was a big day - he got that news, then i got the copy of dmb's newest single (free download - my boys rock!).

did i mention i'm going to charlottesville friday and saturday for my 1st 2 dmb shows of the year? pumped. seriously.


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  1. I could eat chicken daily too! lol
    I too love Tara.
    Are we twins? lol
    Good job on staying within points! If we lived closer to each other Id tell you to meet me for a walk. :)
    Good news about Daniels job! I complain how many hours my BF works, but I guess Im lucky he doesnt haev to travel too far.

    :) tj