Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my 1st blog award

yay! Slackey gave me my 1st blog award, and i was so excited that i had to follow the rules! :)

With this award, you're supposed to name 7 things you LOVE, and then pass it along to 7 others.
i love:
  1. Dave Matthews Band!
  2. milestone numbers on an odometer...99,999 into 100,000 being my absolute fav. (you get 2 milestones back-to-back!)
  3. old friends reruns...particularly "the one where ross got high"
  4. my iPod...i'm mad that i didn't get one before now...i love adding new songs (and older stuff - think the murder remix of J.Lo songs) to it!
  5. my weight watchers leader...she's so cute. and she's always so encouraging. the weeks that i go see daniel and just go for a weigh in, not a meeting, i always miss her.
  6. listening to my grandpa tell me the same ol' stories from when i was younger. i love hearing about how "seuss" (his nickname for me) rode in the floor board of the car all of the way to GA. safe, g'rents? prolly not. but cute just the same that he loves telling the story.
  7. NYC. i miss that city. i want to go to times square and see the cup o' noodles.

my seven picks are:



learning to be less



losing waist!


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