Saturday, April 11, 2009

lack of sleep and a little giggling, dribbling baby girl

it's been a whirlwind of a few days. here's the updates:

1) we get a little break from the richmond audit. i am so happy to be home for a few weeks. the work is probably gonna suck, but it's a nice break from all that travel. i think i might miss working out on the elliptical/treadmill, though. i was pretty pumped about my jogging program. i'll do my watp 'til then...and get back on it as soon as i return.

2) my bestie is a mom! baby madison arrived a few weeks early. mandi's blood pressure went too high for her health and for madison's they induced her labor, and after about 31 hours of laying in a hospital bed, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at about 11:30 thursday night. i headed straight to the hospital when i left richmond on thursday, and stayed with mandi and fam until 2:30 am or so.

3) i rolled into bed at 3:30 saturday morning, and rolled right back out at 8 so i could pack for illinois and make my weigh in 1 day early. the results: gained 1 lb. :( i wasn't happy about it, but i wasn't overly surprised, as my dinner consisted of pizza really late thursday night. plus, with the huge results last week, i wasn't expecting much of a loss anyways. right now, i'm back to -24 lbs, but i'm hanging in there. nothing i can't drop back off next week.

4) i headed to the hospital after weigh in to check on my girls, and both are doing well! they might even let madison come home tomorrow with mandi. we thought she'd be in NICU for about a week, but the little nudger is showing remarkable strength.

5) after my visit, i hit the road to illinois, and ran into horrible storms throughout kentucky. it was NOT fun. i was in a horrible mood...i'm pretty sure it was the lack of sleep catching up with me. i can't believe daniel actually put up with smartass comments. all ended well when i finally reached his hotel at 8:30 cst. i was so excited to see him. we exchanged easter baskets (dorks that we are) and i was pumped to find a little candy and an iTunes gift card! i've been eating on my nerds bumpy jelly beans, and i had a cadbury caramel easter egg. :0 those things are too good. seriously. we went to a place called asian bistro that served the most expensive chinese food ever. think pf chang's prices, but not the pf chang's taste. it was good...but i did really well. i'm sure i went over my points for the day, but i ate maybe 1/4 of my dish. my goal this weekend is to make better choices, but i will, without a doubt, be over points. our "hawt date" is tonight, and we're going to the melting pot. i'm sticking to lean meats, and trying to eat the cheese fondue and chocolate fondue in extremely small portions.

6) i finally feel rested! :) daniel had to work this morning, so i slept in...really in. hehe. i am pretty sure i kept him up most of the night with my snoring. seriously...i'm lucky he puts up with me. ha!

happy easter, everyone! hope the bunny was good to ya!

EDIT: i know not everyone is as big of a dmb fan as i am, but this article and the video really touched me. i cannot WAIT until april 17 when i get to see these boys again!

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