Saturday, April 4, 2009

metaled! :)

week 9: -6.5; -25 lbs total

guess who got her 25 lb metal this morning? this girl! i was SHOCKED to learn of my 6.5 lb weight loss this week. crazy what writing everything down, and being entirely consistent will do for a girl's weight loss.

it's been a crazy busy day already. i went to weigh in, then i picked up mcdonald's for my bro and his friend (who are staying with me this weekend...nice to have a visit!), and grabbed myself a diet coke and a fruit 'n yogurt parfait. mandi (and pregnant belly!) met me at the house and we got my wedding cake picked out, and then headed to a floral shop and ordered my flowers for the wedding.

last night i bought my wedding gown in a...dun dun dun...size 20! :) i was so happy about it. i started weight watchers in a 22/24, and i'm really hoping i'll have to have the dress altered down.

it was a bit of a strange week at work. they announced 10% paycuts across the board and a decrease in benefits on thursday. thursday was a tough day, but dinner with manda eased my worries a bit. we laughed a was nice to forget about all the problems for awhile. i'm surprised daniel didn't kill me. i was crunching numbers like crazy, trying to figure out if i needed to adjust wedding plans or cancel my trip to the gorge. *tear*. very stressful. friday, we learned that the paycut was lightened to 3%. i felt like i had been given a 7% raise! it still sucks, but 3% is a little more doable.

that's about all that's new on this end. xoxo


  1. Congrats! That's awesome, Aimee!

    How exciting! You have to post pictures of the dress! I'm using a lot of exclamation points here!

    Sorry about the pay cut, but yeah 3% is way better than 10%. Glad you're having a good day :)

  2. I'm still so proud of you! And I'm glad we got so much accomplished today!

  3. 6.5 loss? Niiiiiiice! Massive kudos.
    Wow on the 25 lb total loss.
    Yay for the dress :D

  4. go YOU!

    Thats a LOT new on your end....

    pay cut? not so great but the weight cut? more than makes up for it.

    maybe? :)


  5. Awesome job aims!