Monday, April 13, 2009

junk food overload

okay. i ate badly all weekend. when i say badly, i'm not sure you understand to what extent. let me list it out for you. i did not count points, but i'm fully aware of what i ate between friday after weigh-in and sunday night.

in no particular order:
6 oz filet from logan's roadhouse
baked potato with sour cream only
32 peanuts (the kind in the shell-i didn't eat the shell, though...haha)
2 rolls, no butter
house salad with french dressing
6 reese cup peanut butter eggs (the 2 pts each kind)
2 reese cup peanut butter eggs (the 5 pts each kind)
4 caramel cadbury eggs (5 pts each)
homewrecker with beef from moe's
6 chips and queso dip from moe's
1/4 dish of sesame chicken from asian bistro
1/4 dish of chicken fried rice from asian bistro
3 potstickers from asian bistro
mcdonald's doublecheeseburger
1/4 of a large fry from mcdonald's
1 med sprite from wendy's
double cheeseburger from wendy's (yes, with mayo)
1/2 med fry from wendy's
3/4 bag of nerd's bumpy jelly beans
1/2 of the signature selection dinner for two at the melting pot, plus 1/2 the original chocolate fondue with dippers

i think that's it. as if that's not enough. geesh. i dunno what i was thinking. i do know that i felt like ABSOLUTE CRAP all day yesterday, and spent entirely too much time in the bathroom. i was so sick to my stomach. and my chest is all broke out. :(

anyways...i can't undo any of that...soooo, today i'm back on track. it's been a good day so far.

i've had:
instant oatmeal
chicken breast
green beans
salad with light italian dressing

i still have about 17 points left for dinner. that's a lot. i'm going to stay at my target the rest of the week, and workout every evening. i'm trying not to beat myself up over this. i haven't had a slip up like this since i started weight watchers...and honestly, i cannot believe i ate so much food.

in other news, i had an amazing time with daniel this weekend. friday night had to be one of the best times we've ever had together. i get so sick of the travel back and forth, but seeing him waiting on me as i pull into the hotel parking lot always brings the biggest smile to my face. here's a pic of us overlooking delmar blvd in university city, mo. it's on the outskirts of st. louis, and it was such a fun, little place. it was a nice day and the streets were crowded with people - playing music, sitting and talking. it reminded me of "my" city...aka nyc.

AND i stopped to see ms. madison on my way home last night...she's adorable. tiny. absolutely precious. cannot wait to see her again this evening. (and her mom's not too shabby either!! hehe) i'm gonna take some pics of madison and her aunt aims tonight.


  1. Im gonna ignore all of the food over the weekend and applaud you for TODAYS foods. Good job! YOu were honest about your weekend splurging and I also give you props for that . :)
    Funny how sick I get when I over do it too...I have to remind myself that I don't want to feel that way. Actually it helps knowing that I could feel that way!


  2. Look at you and D, wasting away and not in Margaritaville haha. You 2 look good :-)

  3. I didnt see a pic before! Cute couple!! Your hair is so cute. :)

    tj :)

  4. I hope you had a fun weekend! As long as you can get back on track, you are doing great! The first day back to healthy eating is always the hardest. You will feel better at the end of the day.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Thanks for the tip! I was able to post that picture! Your hair looks really cute - I love the cut! I'm not sure if you all have been there, but Laclede's Landing in downtown STL is a fun place to go - lots of restaurants and shops. Westport Plaza is also fun - they have a comedy club and other regular clubs, but it's a huge nightspot for the 20-something crowd!

  6. You had me from "Nerds bumpy jelly beans"

    Cute pics!

  7. I was in the same bingey boat as you this past weekend. Except mine just ended yesterday! Kudos on bouncing back so great. I kinda buried my head in the sand more. And I'm jealous of your honesty, missus.