Wednesday, April 22, 2009

double poster

posting again...don't kill me.

wanted to share a few lovely things from the weekend. sidenote: can you believe i'm just now blogging about the weekend? geesh. this a/p audit might kill me. i mean, don't they know that being busy at work is cutting into my blogging time? hehe. anyways...

when starting my weight watchers journey this time around, i was wearing size 22s that were extremely tight, and, although i hate to admit it, i was also wearing some 24s. all from lane bryant. this is me in size 20 jeans from old navy...and a shirt in their normal girl sizes. by normal girl, i mean i didn't order it from the plus size "online only" section of old navy. didn't buy the jeans, just pumped that they fit. did buy the shirt - bonus? it was on sale!

this is my happy fat face at the 2nd DMB show from the weekend. it's been my happy place since 2005. this was show #32. love the band, love the music, love the venue, love the crowd, love the experience. as lynda from ljmsart says, i love all things dave. (try to ignore the blurriness...taken on my phone)

this is me taking a pic of myself in the mirror. do you love my rawr shirt?!? daniel sent me that. cute story. anytime one of us is being cranky on bbm (for you non-blackberry users, that's blackberry messenger) we say RAWR to the other one. weird inside joke, ya know? anyways, i get in the mail and find a package. i open it and lo and behold it's my very own rawr shirt...there's a footnote that says "rawr means i love you in dinosaur". awwww. :) as an added bonus, he ordered the shirt in an XL - not a 2x! :) and it may be slightly snug, but dangit, it fits! :)

so, the online only weight watchers seems to be going well so far. i'm a scale peaker, can't help it. i'm down 2 lbs since monday. hope that trend continues. i am, however, still sucking at exercise. unless you count me cleaning like a madwoman and folding 10 loads of laundry. haha. it's back to richmond next week, so hopefully i'll be exercising again.

thank you for forgiving the doublepost. hopefully the muffin top in the cute size 20 jeans don't scare you off.


  1. I forgot, did I mention I saw DMB last year with my friend in Berkeley, CA?? Sorry if I double told ya! lol But they rocked! I loved the show! :) I like your RAAWWRR tee! cute! :)

    Looking good girlie! :)

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Yay pictures!! I especially like the dino t-shirt one... I love cute gifts like that.

    Keep up all the good work!!

  3. I love the Rawr shirt :-) Look at D being so sweet :-)

    Proud of you for wearing cute small clothes! You rock!

  4. looking good! woohoo!

    do you remember the muffin top song? hehehe

  5. Your pictures are great. You look sooooo good, missus! *high fives*

    What a great positive inspirational post! And on that note I am off to the gym.

  6. Awesome job on the size 20's! I love that feeling of a new size. Sounds like you had a great weekend and you look really happy.

    You should catch up on Hell's Kitchen. It is really good. I am totally obsessed with Biggest Loser. I love Tara but I am so sad that Kristen is gone. I loved watching her interviews. They were the best. I am extremely sad there are only two episodes left. Who do you think will win?

  7. Beautiful flowers, love the shirts, congrats on the jeans! Woohoo all around lady!