Monday, April 27, 2009

sitting, weighting, wishing

i want to be out of my current "middle number". i'm sick of it. (one of these days i'm gonna get brave and put my actual weight in this blog, btw...just not today.)

week 12: -1.4; -28.4 total

i'm a lil frustrated because i was down about twice that amount on friday, and then today it's back to this. lol. but i did consume some alcohol this weekend, and i must have been dehydrated. i think i had about 20 oz of water all weekend, so that didn't help matters.

i'm very happy to be back in richmond...well, for the working out, at least. the work sucks, and living out of a hotel sucks, but i'm glad to be back in my "aimee time" routine.

had a fun time in nashville...i'd like to go back another weekend. and i got to take the bluegrass parkway on my trip down, and i loved the scenery. i totally want to see that castle...does anyone know if that's something you can visit?

other fun things on the drive (but forgive the poor quality, taken with my camera phone while driving):

this is a sign i saw while driving on the parkway. i busted out laughing. there's literally nothing around this about random.

i loved this. reminded me of my rawr shirt. and kinda i wanna go to dino world now!!!

hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend. this girl broke out capris for this week! :)
oh, and did i mention i heard blue water for the 1st time ever? no more dmb until june 19, but it's bound to be a goodie!


  1. -.14 is a great loss! Congrats! :) Come on be brave...If I can post before pics of my fat face you can put your weight. lol :) I like the pics from the road trip...RRaawwrrr lol
    I was rockin the shorts all its cooler today and Im wearing sweats. lol Oh well.
    Keep up the great work!!! :)


  2. oopps -1.4

    now 14 pounds would be biggest loser sorry bad typo!

  3. kudos on the loss, missus! :D Great total.
    Its scary posting your numbers but also very freeing! I feel like it liberated me :D

    wooho on the capris! And nice pics btw...

  4. The first picture you posted - that is totally something you would see randomly driving through southern funny!

  5. Congrats on a loss!

    I wanna see that dinosaur!