Tuesday, April 7, 2009

new 'dos

i got a haircut...it's so much shorter!!! i like it...and at first i thought my face was looking a little thinner, but no, i think it looks chunky in these. lol. this is me pretending to be hard at work.

speaking of haircuts, i convinced daniel to get one that last time i was out there to see him. i'm so proud of him. he's lost so much. check out this comparison. the top pic was taken on our cruise in mid-december. the 2nd pic is from a week and a half ago...and doesn't the haircut look so nice???

i'm back in richmond, of course. i want to say it was a nice weekend with my fam, but it was actually kinda stressful. i love my brother and sister dearly, but seriously, sometimes it's a bit much. here we all are at christmas, and then again from this past weekend.

shew, i'm a picture posting fool today.
i'm trying out weight watchers etools. so far, my favorite part is being able to journal and look up points easily on my blackberry. i'm considering keeping it, just hate to spend $60/mo on weight watchers. ang and i have toyed around with quitting the meetings, and just doing weight watchers online...but i worry that i won't be accountable. decisions, decisions.
is it thursday yet? 3 day weekend for this girl!


  1. :-) You can totally see a difference!

  2. Cute hair cut! Id love to see what the back looks like. Silly request but Im struggling with my own hair dilemmas lol

    I also was shocked at your cost of WW...$60??!!!??? I pay $39.95 a month for unlimited meetings and access of e-tools ( which I love! ) I hope your not paying that much, maybe it was a typo. lol

    Have a good day! :) tj

  3. Love the haircut!

    And hey, if you ever end up needing to quit meetings to save money, don't forget that your blog is great for accountability. We'll keep you on your toes :)

  4. I wish I could pull off a cute short cut like that! You're adorable!

    I've been goin with WW online from the beginning. It may be taking me a little longer to lose the weight but I'm going at my own pace and I'm accountable to myself and my son...and guess what...that's enough for me. And like Tricia said, blogging is great for accountablility if you need it from the outside.

    You're doing wonderfully so far! Either way you choose, meetings or online, I'm sure you'll keep doing great :)