Saturday, September 19, 2009

crazy easy

i'm having an easy weekend, and i kinda like it.

daniel and i got up early this morning, and i made us some french toast for breakfast.  am i the only person that dislikes sugar free syrup?  i can't deal with it...tastes, ironically enough, too sweet to me.  (mandi - did i use ironic properly in this sentence?)  anyways, i ate my french toast and with measured out syrup for 8 pts.  good start to a fun day.

we showered, hit up kohl's for picture frames and photo albums, went to see Love Happens, decided the day was too gorgeous to head straight home, and hit up a miniature golf course.  daniel beat me this time, so no gloating for me.  we considered hitting up the arcade after playing mini-golf, but decided to rent a movie and head home so he could watch the WVU game.

i used some flex points today - quite a few actually.  i hope i don't pay for that on monday's weigh-in.  how does everyone else handle their flex?  all at once, spread out, a lot on a few days?  i'm finding that i'm barely eating my flex - and i know that isn't the way to go for me.  i always lose better when i eat it all.  need to follow my own advice and add some extra points to the day, probably at breakfast and lunch.  seems i tend to have 20 or more points left for dinner.

angela and i have a challenge for next week since both of us have been sucking on the exercise side of things.  i thought amanda might want to join us - and anyone else is welcome too.  we're starting out easy, so it should be a doable challenge for anyone interested.  we're making a commitment to exercise at least 3 times this week, for at least 30 mins each time.  totally doable.  i think we should give bonus points if we get more than 3 days in.

it was gorgeous here in MD today - hope tomorrow brings more of the same...



  1. Sounds like a fun day! :)

    Dont complain about those flex points! lol As we lose those daily points it becomes harder and harder to manage so enjoy ALL of the points you get right now! I tend to take 5 flex most days and on Sunday when we go out to do something fun I spend the rest, but man it is hard!

  2. You sound so happy, I love that!

    I am with you on your challenge. You can do it. Baby steps girl.

    I am proud of you. Using those points and enjoying your marriage!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! So happy to hear that Aims!