Sunday, September 27, 2009

June 2?

soooo...thursday night i took a pregnancy test and it was positive.  5 pregnancy tests later, i'm still pregnant.

planned?  nope.
wanted?  in the next few years.
excited?  yes.

after the initial shock wore off, and we've told all our friends and family, things are starting to set in.  according to the lovely pregnancy calendar, my due date is june 2.  daniel was THRILLED.  there's no other way to really phrase that.  i met him at the door with the news, and he was so excited.

repeat after me - i am not going to eat like a fatty just because i'm pregnant.  i'm still going to monitor what i eat.  i'm going to consume a healthy calorie diet (and convert that to ww points for easy counting) and track it.  i'm going to continue walking.  (and yes, i got in my 3 walks for the week - beat the challenge)

lots of changes this year, indeed.


  1. OMG!!! Congratulations! I am sooooo happy for you. You can do this in a healthy way. I cannot think of anyone nicer to be so blessed. Are you thinking of names yet?

  2. Sooo excited for you! Congratulations!

  3. Yay for Baby Hughes! So cool, really :)

  4. totally cool!! congrats!!!!! I wish you a happy healthy pregnancy.

  5. So I thought I posted a comment last night but I must not have hit the right button or something :-)

    I think you will be needing to change your blog background to something baby :-) oh and I think you should bring Mandi's baby tree out of hiding :-) It would look cut in the tank!

  6. <3
    congratulations, missus! lots of hugs! was positvely beaming when I heard the news.

    oooo a date. a summer baby :D good times!

  7. Congratulations! So glad you found my blog and posted. Now I have a new one to follow. :) Waiting for that first appointment was such torture! I just wanted to get in there and get confirmation. Seeing that first picture was fantastic and super special.