Friday, September 4, 2009

don't drink the water

everyone's pregnant! no, not me. but just about everyone else. everywhere i look, there's pregnant bellies passing by. a few weeks ago, i found out my friend jill is expecting her 2nd. before that, a former coworker. several people from high school. and just last night, tia called me to say she was pregnant!!! she was so excited - it was cute.

as for us newlyweds, things are going well. we're really starting to like living in MD, and so far the new job is going well. i like my coworkers and LOVE my new schedule. home by 4 everyday? yes, please!

you will all be pleased to know that i am down 4.5 lbs this week. finally, finally, finally am back on track. it looks something like this:

july 10: -35 lbs
aug 31: +17.6, -17.4 total
today: -21.8

mondays will be my official weigh-in day. i'm just soooo glad i'm getting back there. hate that i gained so much back, but ice cream, pizza, pf changs, movie theater popcorn, fried foods - basically, my choices - got me there. i didn't switch back to regular pop, but so that's good, but my eating was far from good.

i'm looking forward to a long holiday weekend! :)


  1. Don't forget about all the pregnant people when we were shopping either.
    Good job on the loss!!!

  2. i had a stage, ironiclly just after i lost a baby that i couldnt go literally anywhere without seeing a big round baby belly- someone told me that you go through stages in life where you just seem to notice it more... like seeing these women who can wear skinny jeans and heels and look wonderful. lol

  3. I just ran across your blog and had to comment on the name because I am Dave-obsessed as well:) have a great weekend!

  4. Wonderful job on the loss! Have a great weekend.

  5. Good job on getting back on track girl! :) WHoo hoo! Happy long weekend to ya!

  6. Holy crap! What an awesome loss. So glad you are feeling good and liking things. Transitions suck but you will do great! Yeah for your week.....I am totally jealous, by the way.