Monday, September 7, 2009

weigh-in results

after one week fully (back) on plan, my results look like this:

total weight lost as of last monday:  -17.4
this week:  -6.2, -23.6 total

daniel and i have spent our labor day doing a whole lot of nothing.  our 2 hour tetris marathon took up most of this evening, but other than that, we've been very boring!

hope yours was more interesting!!!


  1. Holy crap! 6+ pounds. I am SUPER jealous. Are you back on WW? You go girl. Maybe some of that can rub off on the rest of us. You totally deserve it.

  2. wow niceee!! way to pull of an uber loss!!

  3. way to rock the scale this week! Keep up the great work Aimee! :)