Friday, September 11, 2009


i'm sitting here while my mother-in-law talks to my hubby about family happenings back in WV, and my kitty is curled up on my lap. :)  nothing too new to report, just figured it was time for an update.

i think we might hit up the outlet malls in hagerstown tomorrow, so that could be big fun.

on the weight watchers front, things are going well.  a sneak peak at the scale this morning showed a 4.5 loss so far this week...we will see what monday holds.  tomorrow the in-laws want to go to cheesecake factory, so that could be a toughie...i do have some flex left, and i told daniel not to let me order cheesecake no matter how bad i whine.  lol.

soooo happy it's the weekend - this getting up at 4:30 stuff is killing me!

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  1. We had a gift card to Cheesecake Factory and I was all set to order off the the WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SALAD SECTION ( yes its actually called that) lol But they came with the calorie menu separately. It was a pain looking up each item but well worth it! We split the chicken pot stickers and the thai lettuce wraps. I skipped the sauce on the wraps-creamy peanut butter spicy saucy kinda thing. :) I dont like cheesecake so that was safe! lol Let us know how it goes- oh and also keep up the good work this week - Weigh in on Monday should be a good one!! WHoo hoo!! :)