Wednesday, March 11, 2009

bumpy jelly beans

this is going to be full of randoms:
  • daniel got a call from FEMA yesterday. he's driving to illinois today, and will be working there indefinitely.
  • my throat hurts...badly. i've been taking tylenol allergy (because i thought this was an allergy problem), but i think i may have to go get some other meds.
  • i'm in love with nerds bumpy jelly beans. 23 are 3 pts. and worth every single one of them.
  • we're getting married on july 10 at 7:30 pm at the rose garden in ritter park.
  • i need to order the pictures i have on my digital camera. after discounts and promotions, it'd cost $110 to order them on snapfish.
  • i am so thirsty today.
  • daniel leaving is scary.
  • my mom's birthday is in 13 days.
  • my mom-maw has alzheimers. that's even scarier.
  • they were out of special k with red berries at the hotel this morning. it threw off my entire breakfast routine.
  • i worked out on the elliptical last night. only 30 mins this time - as idol was coming on. burned 374 calories, though.
  • i'm torn about what to do for my meeting ww this week. i hate to miss it. but i really want to go see daniel since we didn't get to say goodbye before he left for work. it's a 7 hour drive to marion. just can't decide what to do.
  • our office is consistently 80 degrees.
  • i want to carry roses and daisies in my bouquet on our wedding day.
  • i kinda wanna look at wedding dresses in the near future.
  • i'm excited for my camelback water bottle to come in.
  • i went to lane bryant last night and only spent $57.21. that must be a record.
  • tia would be happy to know that i enjoyed chipotle last night.

okay, that's it for now.


1 comment:

  1. i'm still sad that you're eating nerds jelly beans w/o me! are those things supposed to be dinosaur eggs?

    i tried special k with red berries for the firs time the other day and i loved them!

    i still hate chipotle. i don't think i could ever like it.