Sunday, March 8, 2009

normund gentle, baby showers, and family time

I dream cheated on Daniel last night. Jodi, Ang, and I were working in Richmond, which looked like San Fran, and Jodi came into my hotel room and caught me and Normund Gentle kissing. Lol. She was furious with me. What a strange dream!

Yesterday was Mandi's baby shower in Man. It was fun to see the fam and I'm so 'cited that she finally got to see the DMB onesie I made for Madison. It says "I heart DMB just like mommy!". I adore it. Jill and Madi girl tagged along with me. Madi was so good and was her Aunt Aims' girl all day.

Sundays have been our family day for the past few weeks. Daniel and I are on our way to meet the g'rents at Famous Dave's. I'm attempting my 1st blog post on my BlackBerry. It's not as easy as I want it to be. Anyways, after food, we are going to see Dee, David, and the chickens. I really like that Daniel and I do this kind of stuff together. Seems so simple, but it doesn't go unnoticed by me.

Happy day!


  1. I totally thought it was Norman Gentle. Is it Normund? Either way, I can totally see why you'd dream cheat with him...he's sooo irresistible. hahahahaha! Jodi was probably just mad cause she was jealous...I would've been if I had "dream caught" you.

    Oh, and I LOVE the DMB onesie!!!

  2. I have no idea who Normund is but I'm jealous you had a cheat dream since mine was about working out haha.