Thursday, March 5, 2009

it's flooded!

yikes. the boyfriend discovered a leak in the house today. he called scott (our maintenance man) and i guess the sprinkler system is what is leaking - a plumber is on his way.

i think the hawaiian wedding may be a go! i've been looking at a bunch of different websites, trying to decide on which wedding coordinator/photographer/location to go with. it's really nice - a lot of the companies have package deals that basically include everything you need for one set price. we're going to be staying at a marriott on waikiki beach...thank goodness for work travel, hotel points, and free hotel stays. i think we're going to fly down to hawaii on august 28, fly from honolulu to seattle on september 4, and then home on september 7. i'm so excited. marrying him, hawaii, and dmb at the gorge all in one week - what more can a girl ask for?!?

work's gone by really fast this week, i guess because i called in sick one day. i'm so ready to head home.

need to try to actually get a work out in tonight. i bailed the last two nights from the stomach funk i've been in. not sure what the scale will show at weigh-in this week.

i was really disappointed with the idol results last night. i loved felicia. :( she didn't even make it in as a wildcard. tonight's show will be interesting, for sure.

nothing else new to report. i'll be going to man on saturday for the showering of madison by the aunts. kind of excited to see them's been awhile.


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  1. I missed my workout buddy this week :-( And I wish I was watching idol cause I have no idea who felicia is, but glad to not have yet another show on my tv schedule haha