Wednesday, March 11, 2009

you want some buns with that meat?

Audit Storytime

we had bratwurst for lunch. rick asked delores for a brat, then goes back to flossie and asks for a bun. "hey, floss, how bout you let me put my sausage in one of your buns?" rick heads back down to delores. delores offers him some mashed potatoes, to which rick replies "you have mashed potatoes?" delores, in return, snarls "no, i'm just offering them to you for no reason." in the meantime, greg and brett are making miss floss real mad. flossie goes to the back to get buns for rick's sausage, and then hands it over with a smile, and a loving "here's a bun for your ugly sausage". brett decides he wants to put his meat on a bun, flossie dutifully heads back to the back, and returns with another bun and another smile. upon her arrival, greg announces he wants a bun for his meat, too. flossie has had enough. "i'm going to smack you both." she's had enough audit meat for one day.

as rick so eloquently put it, "if flossie ain't there, then all come scared - you'll hafta eat delores for lunch."

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  1. First off this is Rick hacked on to Julia's name, not her.

    Secondly that is so not what happened. In all this writing Big AL failed to add in her part of the story. During all of this Big AL was down asking Deloris about how to get to the Paper Moon and when the best night to go was. Big AL was hoping that one night was sausage night. Deloris told her it had been a few weeks since she had been, but the best sausage was available on Thursdays. The boys will be eating alone this Thursday ;o)